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3 Quick Exercises To Combat The Dangers Of Sitting Too Much

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3 Quick Exercises To Combat The Dangers Of Sitting Too Much

3 Quick Exercises To Combat The Dangers Of Sitting Too Much

Sitting too much each day has a negative impact on your health and shortens your life span. While you may not feel the pain, soreness, or other effects early on, there will come a point you start to feel it and wonder what happened. It’s better to get in the habit of doing stretching exercises to help keep a healthy spine. Note that these are stretching exercises not workouts. Both types of exercises are necessary for good health.

Sitting Down

Studies have shown that even people who regularly work out can suffer from the negative impacts of sitting too many hours each day. Common health problems that are associated with sitting too much are an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. What can you do if you have to sit for hours each day? Start doing the following exercises on a daily basis:


#1 Stretch Your Thoracic Spine

To stretch your thoracic spine (middle back), get on your hands and knees and then move one arm under you until your shoulder touches the ground. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

#2 Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Sitting for long periods each day tightens the hip flexors. A simple way to stretch your hip flexors is to stand and lift your foot up toward your butt. Grab your foot with the hand on the same side of the body and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with the opposite side.

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#3 Stretch Your Glutes

Lastly, you need to stretch the glutes because they weaken from sitting so much as well. One way to relax the glute muscles is to sit on a foam roller and rest your ankle on your other leg above the knee. Lean back putting your weight on the same-side glute and roll around on the foam roller massaging any sore spots. Switch legs and target the other side massaging out the sore areas.

Most people are sitting too long in the day, so it’s important to start doing these exercises, especially if you have a desk job. Working out regularly is not enough to protect your body from the negative impacts of sitting because physical activity does not stretch and massage those key areas: thoracic spine, hip flexors, and glutes.

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