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Stay Away From This Oil! It’s Worse Than Sugar

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Stay Away From This Oil! It’s Worse Than Sugar

Stay Away From This Oil! It’s Worse Than Sugar

For those of us that fantasize or relish in the delight of eating healthy soy becomes an active member of the diet. It can be used to substitute milk with soy milk, or you may substitute most proteins with tofu, and it can be used to replace most common cooking oils with soybean oil. Soy appears to be a desirable alternative to most foods thanks to its advertised health benefits, but despite some of the claims soy can actually be remarkably bad for you.

Soy oil, like all soy products, come from soybeans. Many consider soy to be this super food of health since soy products claim their benefits from the natural power of soybeans. However, most products fail to mention that soy is toxic in nature.

Soy requires a great deal of processing to become edible and even after that it requires more processing to become the products you see them as. With that amount of chemical engineering, you can turn any plant into a health food. Poison ivy, fungus, even tree bark can become edible with a certain amount of processing. Although none of these have the popularity that soy has.

This popularity is actually problematic for those that peruse soy for its health benefits. When overly ingested, soy can lead to drastic problems over time. Too much soy can lead to the body producing steroidal hormones, an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and early puberty in girls or retarded physical maturation in boys.


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When considering alternative methods of health eating you should take a hard look at the labels and ingredients of what you are buying. If something claims to be of made of all natural soy, then realize that that isn’t true. Natural soy is toxic. And if it doesn’t claim to have soy check the label. Many products already contain soy, so when you go out of your way to eat more of it you overdo it to the point of unhealthy eating.

If the attraction you have with soy is based on an allergy, like being lactose intolerant, or having a dietary lifestyle, like being vegan, then you should consider hemp over soy. Hemp has a somewhat negative connotation due to the marijuana, but when purchased as a food none of the THC seen in marijuana is found.

Hemp has nearly as much protein as soy does and it has none of the risks. It isn’t toxic and it even contains omega-3 amino acids. Soy may be a more popular product, but, in the long run, hemp is simply better for your health.

Soy is a well-marketed product in the healthy industry. It’s seen as a miracle food, but now that you know the facts you should understand how untrue this is. Soy is naturally toxic in its unrefined form. The only reason it is allowed for consumption is because it is so processed its natural toxins become somewhat tolerable.

Despite all this processing soy still has negative consequences like an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and early puberty in girls or retarded physical maturation in boys. So when considering an alternative for soy try hemp instead. It has almost all of the same benefits as soy, without any of the consequence.

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