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Her Doctors Couldn’t Believe She Cured Her Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer By Eating THIS!

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Her Doctors Couldn’t Believe She Cured Her Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer By Eating THIS!

When Candice-Marie Fox was first diagnosed with cancer, she willingly followed her doctor’s instructions. At his urging, Candice went under the knife, having a four and one-half hour surgery to remove more than 20 lumps from her thyroid. She was then devastated when a checkup scan two months later showed that her cancer had spread in spite of her surgery and follow-up radiation treatments. Her doctor suggested chemotherapy but told her to wait nine months to begin treatment because her body had been through too much already. That’s when Candice made a decision.

In that moment, Candice decided she was done filling her body with toxins of any kind – including medications. She had already lost two loved ones to cancer and firmly believes that the chemotherapy that was meant to cure them both is actually what weakened and eventually killed them. Candice, she was not willing to suffer the same fate.

Instead, she refused the chemotherapy treatments her doctor recommended and started cleaning house. After being told she had 5 years at most to live, the 31-year-old immediately began removing the toxins from her diet and her life, leaving her husband and starting down a new path that included a diet filled almost exclusively with fruits and vegetables, and the results were amazing.


Candice focused on consuming fruits and vegetables and binged on pineapples, eating up to three a day, as the fruit contains high levels of a chemical called bromelain, which some nutritionists believe can shrink the size of cancer cells. She also quit smoking, started yoga and threw away all of the chemical-containing foods and healthcare products in her home.

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Six months after changing her life and embracing a pineapple laden diet, Candice returned to the doctor for further testing and was labeled as NED, meaning she shows no evidence of disease. Her levels of thyroglobulin, a protein created by cancerous cells, dropped from 13 nanograms per milliliter to a mere 0.7. The results of further testing show her cancer level at 0.2, which is only a hair above a healthy person’s 0.1. For all intents and purposes, Candice is now cancer free.

Mark Simon, the director at the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute in California, has worked with Candice and is encouraged by her test results. He acknowledges that medicine certainly doesn’t have all the answers but is not encouraging his patients to forego chemotherapy in favor of pineapples. Professor Karol Sikora, too, urges caution, stating that Candice’s remarkable test results may be the result of her cancer “going through a quiescent phase.”

It is important to note, too, that a diet too rich in pineapple can cause rashes and breathing problems in some people due to allergies. Bromelain can also interfere with several prescription medications, including blood thinners such as warfarin. The effects of sedatives, alcohol and antidepressant may also be heightened by bromelain and can combining the two can create serious reactions.

At the moment, there simply isn’t enough evidence to prove that a healthy diet rich in pineapples will cure cancer and trying one could be harmful to some people. As for Candice, however? I’m pretty sure she’ll be enjoying quite a bit of pineapple juice for the rest of her life.

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