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Rosacea, A Few Things

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Rosacea, A Few Things

About 14 million Americans suffer from this condition that makes you permanently look flushed or sunburned, caused by tiny blood that are inflamed and dilated close to the skin’s surface. In addition to the redness people can also suffer from dry, red eyes, acne-like bumps, warm skin, and facial swelling. Rosacea is believed to be a vascular disorder, the blood vessels near the skin’s surface become inflamed, but why they become inflamed is uncertain.


Common triggers include extreme heat and cold, stress, sun exposure, strenuous exercise, and spicy foods. Many people find relief with prescription creams, laser treatments, and oral medications. For those looking to ease their symptoms in a more natural way there are a few things to try.

Natural anti-inflammatories, like lavender oil and licorice root, applied topically can be very successful. As can feverfew and green tea extract, again, applied topically. Using cleansers and creams that have oatmeal can soothe redness as well. Making your own chamomile compress can be helpful, unless of course, you are allergic.

lavender oil

Avoiding allergens and reading labels is also beneficial, keep a log of ingredients in foods and skin products that aggravate your symptoms. Swapping out your pillowcases for those made of cotton, and changing them every other day can help your skin stay cleaner and less irritated. Practicing meditation and/or yoga can help ease stress and the breakouts that follow it.

Please keep your healthcare provider informed of any diet changes, topical creams, and supplements you may be trying to help prevent any adverse interactions.

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