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Check Out This Brilliant Hair Test And You’ll Never Cut Your Hair The Same Way Again

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Check Out This Brilliant Hair Test And You’ll Never Cut Your Hair The Same Way Again

Check Out This Brilliant Hair Test And You’ll Never Cut Your Hair The Same Way Again

As summer came and went, more and more celebrities decided to chop off their long hair and sport shorter looks. Most notably are Jennifer Lawernce (famous for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games) and Shailene Woodley (known for her role as Tris in the world famous series Divergent) this year for chopping off their iconic long locks from their respective roles.

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However, as the pressure to look like the celebrities and to feel as if we have made something of ourselves mounts, more and more people are thinking about chopping off their long hair. They’ll pull it into a ponytail and try to visualize themselves without the long hair. Some may even get crafty and photoshop themselves with the hair style they want. Without going to such extremes, how can anyone know if the style they want will look good on them? Will we simply have to live with the horror of an ill-fitting hair cut?

No, we will not!

Hair expert John Frieda has come up with a way to figure out if your face will look good with a short cut. Best of all, it only requires a pencil, your chin, and a ruler. It’s called the 2.25-inch rule.

Place the pencil under your chin and hold it steady in a horizontal position. Use the ruler to measure from the bottom of your earlobe to the pencil in a vertical manner. The place they meet is the measurement you’ll want.

If you have a measurement that is 2.25 inches or less, short hair will look good on you. If the gap is more than 2.25 inches, it’s better to stick with the longer hair. This has saved many celebs from having to face the press and the public with a style that was not suited to their face.

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However, you should also be aware that your face shape will be a large factor in what kind of hairstyle will look good on you. Some will look better with a longer bob while others can go right for the pixie cut.

face shape

On this line of thought, there are help for you if you are unsure of trusting the 2.25-inch rule. For example, a diamond shaped face should avoid shorter cuts, but this does not always hold fast for the diamond face. Oval-shaped faces can do pretty much anything with their hair and it’ll look good.

However, if you’ve already had short hair and know whether or not it looks good on you, then you have no need to worry. However, this keeps general anxiety to a minimum for those who have not had short hair. You can have a stylist help you find the best style for your hair if you are choosing to lob it all off. However, you shouldn’t discredit what your stylist says if you’ve never had that particular style before.

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