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Avoid These 6 Mistakes That Making Your Baby Fat

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes That Making Your Baby Fat

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The ideal baby is often considered cuddly and chubby. There’s an entire internet full of adorably chubby babies to prove this obsession. Yet there is such a thing as too chubby for some babies. Ensure your baby doesn’t wander from chubby to obese by avoiding a few triggers that can lead to obesity even later in life.

1. Allow your child to watch TV
Your baby’s mind is developing right before your very eyes! Allowing your child to watch TV is one of the easiest ways to create bad nutritional habits. Though TV might seem like a harmless activity, your baby is absorbing everything—even at a young age. Studies show that babies who watch an excessive amount of TV deal with weight issues from infancy to adulthood.

2. Use food to stop your baby’s crying
Just because your baby is crying, doesn’t mean your little one is hungry. Though many moms and dads confuse crying and hunger, your baby could be sending other signals too. Don’t assume that baby is hungry at every fresh set of tears—though it’s easy to want to quiet screams with a bottle. Check to see if your baby needs changing, has a rash or other signs of discontent before turning to the bottle.

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3. Encourage your baby to keep eating when full
Your parents’ age-old adage might loop through your head every time you discard leftover milk or food: “Don’t you know there are starving children in Africa?” Don’t worry yourself too much about those kids; force-feeding your baby won’t send them relief. Begin paying attention to your child’s eating habits early on. Pay attention to how much milk he or she takes during each feeding. Keep feedings scheduled so your baby knows when to expect food. Don’t ever force your baby to continue eating after he or she expresses signs of a full stomach. Overeating is one of the leading causes of baby obesity.

4. Introduce solid foods before the four-month mark
It’s tempting to want to give your baby solid foods. It’s easy to be under the impression that starting your baby on solid foods earlier than the recommended timeframe can prove that baby is developing at a faster rate than the other kids. It’s also tempting to want to share all your favorite foods with your little ones. But the baby’s stomach needs time to develop, and his or her system isn’t sophisticated enough for solid foods. The nutrients in formula and breast milk offer the best nutrition for the baby until month four. Keep your little ones healthy with a liquid diet.

5. Feed your baby formula
Many moms hear the horrors of formula like a mantra that’s played over and over again. Though the formula isn’t going to keep your kid from becoming president or an astronaut, the best way to keep your child at a healthy weight through adulthood is to encourage breast milk until you introduce solids. Breast milk has more nutrients and vitamins than formula. Breast milk can also prevent your child from overeating or eating for comfort. Even though the baby may continue to snuggle after eating, he or she can stop when full and continue to feel a comfortable bond with mom—without turning to food for love.

6. Refusing to encourage exercise
Although it may not seem like your baby needs exercise, your little one needs to move around just as much as you do. Encourage your baby to roll over, play and jump can lead to healthier habits later in life. In order for your baby’s mind to grow and develop, he or she needs to remain active. Encouraging exercise not only helps your little one to stay active—but it also reminds you to continue to encourage your child to keep moving until adulthood.

Keep your little ones happy, healthy, and active by avoiding a few simple pitfalls that can lead to childhood obesity. Always remember that your baby absorbs everything and will always look to you to provide an example of a healthy lifestyle.

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