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What Happens To Your Body After 1 Week Of The Paleo Diet

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What Happens To Your Body After 1 Week Of The Paleo Diet

What Happens To Your Body After 1 Week Of The Paleo Diet

You’ve heard the buzz about the Paleo diet and you’re wondering if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. You want to take care of yourself and fight the health risks that become more common as you get older. You’re also trying to find a way to take control of your wait and wonder if an overhaul is in order. Before you jump into the Paleo diet, you should know the basics. Understand what this growing trend is all about and decide if it is for you.

What Happens To Your Body After 1 Week Of The Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

Go Paleo and your heading back to the dietary habits of the cave men. Don’t worry. You won’t need to grab a club or dress in furs. It’s simply a matter of simplifying the dietary choices you make. According to Health.com, the Paleo diet is adopted from the type of foods that would have been eaten by the hunters and gatherers in the early stages of human development. Also referred to as the Stone Age diet, it includes anything that could be found in early civilizations, including a plant-based diet, nuts, unprocessed, whole grains, seafood, and a reduced intake of lean meats. It provides the body with a healthy balance of protein, beneficial sources of fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. One of the key components of a Paleo diet is avoiding processed foods. Eating foods in their natural form, cutting out the additives and artificial ingredients, promotes a healthier lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of the Paleo Diet?

Paleo Leap has been diligent in gathering the research that supports this lifestyle. As you consider the advantages, you need to remember to look at the big picture. Diet fads come along time and again with a narrow focus on one element. They tell you to totally cut out this or that, forcing you to go to extremes in your eating habits. Live by the old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” In other words, don’t believe everything you hear about meat, fat, and cholesterol.

Eating well is all about balance and choosing healthy sources that are not loaded with chemicals or unnatural ingredients. When you opt for animal products in moderations, rounded out with berries, nuts, plants, and gems from the sea, your body will thank you. You can maintain your weight at a healthy level, promote your cardiovascular health, reduce your risk of developing diabetes, and keep your metabolism on track. As another perk, this is a lifestyle that you can sustain. Extreme diets that are geared for rapid weight loss cannot be maintained for the long run, but you can embrace the Paleo diet for the long haul.


What Will Happen To Your Body After One Week of Going Paleo?

Now that you know what the low down on the Paleo diet and how it could benefit you, it’s time to find out what you’ll experience when you dip your toe in for the first week. Begin by doing your homework. Look at various sites or order a book on the Paleo diet to help you plan your menu for your the first seven days. Once you’re prepared, commit yourself and stick it out for week one.

Get Ready for Withdrawal

Your body is going to have to go through a period of adjustment, especially if you have been eating high levels of fat, sugar, and processed foods. Even if you try to make good choices in your diet, you are likely to feel the crash after the first week of your switch to Paleo. Your energy levels are probably going to dip. You may even feel like you are getting the flu as your body starts dragging. It’s common to experience some digestive upheaval and acne attacks as your body adjusts. Irritability is common as well when your system is no longer getting the junk food or sugar fix that has been the norm.

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Moving Beyond Week One

Once you get past your initiation, you can continue with a 30-day challenge and decide if this is for you. Expect your energy levels to spike, your metabolism to get fired up, and your weight to take a turn for the better. Make sure you eat enough, add more healthy fats and berries to your diet to combat sugar cravings, and keep your water intake high to keep your motor running.

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