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11 Abnormal Things Sugar Does To Your Body

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11 Abnormal Things Sugar Does To Your Body

11 Abnormal Things Sugar Does To Your Body

If you think it’s sweet what sugar does for your taste buds, you need to find out what else sugar does for the rest of your body. Sugar may be the prime reason for today’s premature deaths and chronic diseases in our bodies.

In 2009, 50 percent of all Americans ate more than one-half pound of sugar daily or 180 pounds on an annual basis. Much of it beginning in infancy when sugars are added to many baby food products.

That said, our article below covers just 11 of the unlimited health issues resulting from eating sugar in any form. They include:


An overwhelming amount of nutritionists and health practitioners now say that sugar is just as addictive and has the same addictive responses as do alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine addicts: chattering teeth, tremors, shakes and anxiety.

Diabetic Predisposition

Recent studies indicate that for every extra 150 calories from sugar consumed on a daily basis, diabetes risks rise by 1.1 percent.

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Heart Disease

According to a publication appearing in an American Heart Association journal, your risks are higher for getting cardiovascular disease once your sugar intake increases.

Insulin Resistance

Not true diabetes, but definitely just as dangerous, consuming sugar will lend itself to creating a sugar imbalance in your blood sugar levels.

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Famed neurologist Dr. Perlmutter has related Alzheimer disease as being predicated on lifestyle choices that promote insulin resistance and raises the risk of Alzheimer.

“Feel-Good” Deception

Just like street drugs, sugar triggers our brain’s pleasure center. Chemicals result that are known as opioids and dopamine. After a while, a sugar tolerance is reached, and more sugar is needed to “feel good.”

Increases Hunger

Wait just 30 minutes after consuming a sugary treat, and your body will still feel hunger!

Sleep-Sugar Crashes

Eating the time-honored high-starched sugar Thanksgiving dinner may cause a crash to be remembered the rest of the year. Sugar overload also triggers serotonin, a sleep regulator.

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Develops Depression And Mental Illness

Recent research studies link heavy sugar consumption to an increased risk of depression, bipolar and other mood forms of mental illness including schizophrenia.


Carrying excess weight sets the stage for other deadly conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes, among many others. It’s not just about calories and looking chic folks!

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Kidney Disease

Take away some sugar and you may avoid diabetes, a sure precursor to eventual kidney disease.

Anti-Sugar Strategies:

While nutritious, fruit is loaded with sugar, so you may want to limit your intake somewhat, especially fruit juices.
Get familiar with sugar in its many names: sugar, molasses, fructose, glucose and honey.
Read your ingredient labels. Approximately 80% of the 600,000 packaged foods sold throughout America have sweeteners in some form. Stay away from processed foods and especially fast food restaurants.
Stay away from artificial sweeteners as many, including most stevia products, are laced with sugar.

Do you take the time to read your food labels? If you do, how many lines of ingredients would be too many?

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