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What He Discovered Hiding In The Background Of His Childhood Photo Changed His Life

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Coincidences happen. Sometimes, they are funny and they leave us smiling. Sometimes, they are quite frustrating and can make for a really bad day. In the case of Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler, a newlywed couple who met in college and later tied the knot, a childhood photo led them to believe they truly were meant to be together.

Childhood Photo

The Childhood Photo that Started It All 

Most people look at this photo and see some kids having the time of their lives digging in the sand at the beach in Mousehole, Cornwall. They made themselves a sand canoe and they seem to be enjoying their beach vacation. There are more kids in the background, indicating that this must be a very popular vacation spot. The family developed the photo along with dozens upon dozens of others after returning from their vacation, and they later stored it away along with their family’s other photographs, not thinking anything of it.

Nick and Aimee 

Nick Wheeler is from Kent, nearly 300 miles away from his family’s Mousehole vacation spot. In the photo, the smiling boy in the red circle is Nick, and the other children in the sand canoe are his sister-cousins. Aimee Maiden is actually from Mousehole, so her family visited the beach there regularly all throughout her childhood. Nick and Aimee married some 11 years after Nick’s family took the photograph you see.

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The Coincidence

The word “photobomb” truly comes to mind here, and you probably already see where this is going. Imagine that you are sitting at home on the couch with your newlywed husband rifling through old family photos and reminiscing. Suddenly, you see yourself in a photo. That’s exactly what happened to Aimee Maiden. This very photo appeared in Nick’s hand, and Aimee immediately recognized herself and her family in the background. What’s even stranger is the fact that Aimee almost appears to be looking right at the camera!

What Are the Odds?

Without going into a detailed statistical analysis, it is safe to say that the odds of something like this occurring are very, very slim. How many couples look at one another’s childhood photos and see themselves? What are the odds of a husband and wife ending up in the same photograph at the same time and the same place – and then finding that photograph years later?

This story is enough to make anyone smile, and many believe that the photograph is proof that Nick and Aimee were destined to be together. What do you think? Do you believe that this picture speaks a thousand words?

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