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This Natural Ingredient Is Extremely Beneficial For Your Skin Health

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This Natural Ingredient Is Extremely Beneficial For Your Skin Health

It is amazing to see how many elements of nature are truly beneficial for keeping our skin health in mint condition. There are countless herbs and spices that when applied properly can aid in healing and restoring the body. The human body’s largest organ is the skin. The skin is oftentimes the last to receive the nutrients we feed our body through nutrition and water. However, it is one of the first to show whether the body is being neglected or well-taken care of.

The skin shows its problems in many ways. Whether it is dull, dry, inflamed or oily, there is usually an indicator of an issue and there is one spice that can help manage a lot of the symptoms. Ginger root is an organic spice that most people drink in the form of tea or cook with to create flavorful dishes. However, ginger root is incredibly helpful for regulating skin issues.

1. Inflammation

When the skin is inflamed, this normally manifests itself through lots of acne and the overproduction of oil. In cases like these, it is important to begin an anti-inflammatory diet to decrease swelling. For those who suffer from acne, consider brewing a tea filled with ginger and a tiny bit of honey for added sweetness. The ginger root holds many anti-inflammatory agents such as gingerols and shogaol. Over time, these agents may make a difference in decreasing inflammation.

2. Skin Protection

We all know that a little bit of Vitamin D is good for the body. However, UV rays are actually carcinogenic. This is why products like sunscreen are encouraged in order to block the number of UV rays the skin receives. Even with sunscreen, the skin will eventually suffer overtime when sun exposure is excessive. In order to restore the skin and protect it, a ginger face mask is helpful. By simply adding a little bit of water, lemon juice, and ginger root powder together, when applied to the face, it can really help to restore the youthful appearance and revive a fading glow.

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3. Wound Healing

Right along with Aloe Vera, Ginger holds the capacity to soothe and heal wounds over time. There was a study done with hairless rats to see how wounded skin would respond to ginger versus a corticosteroid. The rats were examined over a 21-day period and had superficial abrasion wounds. When treated with the ginger, the rats’ wounds actually healed faster than it did with the corticosteroid. This research shows how powerful natural agents can truly be when topically applied. Added a potent mix of ginger root powder and water to any wounds can dramatically speed up the healing time. This is important because a quicker healing time can also equate to less scarring if treated correctly.

Even though it is not the most popular option for treating the skin, consider using ginger root for a more natural, holistic approach for healing. Mother Nature has a way of knowing what works best for our bodies in a way that steroids and creams may not be able to match. In the long run, it is a much cheaper, safer, and more natural route to choose!

In this video, Moon Cho of Ying & Yang Living demonstrates how ginger root powder, a natural and organic ingredient, can be transformed into a healing facial mask in a few simple steps. She uses ginger root powder, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and raw, organic honey. This powerful mask is easy to create at home and will provide skin-brightening and healing results!

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