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See What Happened To A Woman Who Ate Only Starbucks For A Year

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See What Happened To A Woman Who Ate Only Starbucks For A Year

A woman named Beautiful Existence, which is her real name, has done the one up on the McDonald’s Super Size Me challenge: she ate nothing but Starbucks food for not only a month but an entire year.

She decided to do this during 2013 and set it as her new year’s goal. She’s been doing these kinds of challenges for a couple of years. A couple of her others include buying all her clothing and presents from Goodwill and taking all the advice from Parents magazine.

Eating Only Starbucks...for a Year

Her rule, which she created herself, was that she could go to any store that was like Starbucks or related to the famous coffee shop in any way. She visited many places in Seattle and spent between $500 and $600 on food a month. Some of these places include Starbucks, Roy Street Coffee & Tea, and Evolution Fresh. The last on the list is actually a company that owns Starbucks.

Another one up on the McDonald’s Super Size Me is that the only thing she changed was her diet. She didn’t change anything else in her life, and therefore, at age 40, kept the same weight range the entire year. This is what surprised her the most.

She had to plan for changes in the menus, how much it would cost, and how it would be boring towards the end. However, she didn’t see the latter coming. During one of the last weeks of her self-given challenge, she found herself craving to share a piece of the pizza her coworkers were eating. She stuck to her challenge and found herself happy she did.

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Despite how she planned, she found that December 2013 cost her over $800 to shop at only Starbucks and related shops for food. Even though this was unexpected, she was happy to finish the challenge and report on her blog, For 1 Year of My Life – as she had with other challenges.

Shortly after midnight on January 1, 2014, she had fish and chips – her first fried food in a year. She found it difficult to stomach more than a few at a time since she hadn’t eaten this kind of food due to her challenge.

However, she attributes her success to her location – Seattle. The company is headquartered there, and there are plenty of locations to see. She was even invited to have lunch in the headquarter cafeteria, to which she took her sister to as well.

Overall, she was happy to have tried this challenge. She saw no extra weight gain, as mentioned earlier, and that was her favorite part of the entire challenge. With no extra weight gain with the extra Frappuccinos and extra food, she found that it was worth trying.

With her natural curiosity, she learned more about sports in Washington in 2014, and in 2015, she is trying one instrument a day. What she’s going to do in 2016 for her challenge is anyone’s guess.

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