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Ladies! Don’t Believe These 7 Lies About Your Breasts

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Ladies! Don’t Believe These 7 Lies About Your Breasts

Ladies! Don’t Believe These 7 Lies About Your Breasts

Women often torture themselves by believing falsehoods about their b@obs. If you’ve ever spent time exercising your breasts in an attempt to make them bigger or smaller (it won’t work), then you understand completely. The more women understand their bodies and how they work, the less power these myths will have on them.

1. First of all, weight gain in no way necessarily translates to a larger bust size. Although weight gain often does trigger bigger breasts, there are many exceptions. This is because the distribution of fat isn’t the same on all women. When some women pack on the pounds, it may go straight to their breasts. It may go straight to the thighs or calves on other women, however.

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2. Don’t believe that getting your beauty rest with your bra still on will keep your breasts firm and perky. When you’re sleeping, your breast’s suspensory ligaments aren’t experiencing much stretching at all. This means that sleeping in a bra won’t really change anything about your breasts’ firmness. It’s important to note too, however, that sleeping with a bra on isn’t in any way dangerous or problematic.

3. Some women are reluctant to breastfeed because they’re fearful that doing so will cause their chests to drop. This is a total lie. Although pregnancy itself can sometimes lead to drooping, nursing is not a culprit in this situation.

4. Exercise can’t maintain firm breasts, either. If you’ve heard the myth about push-ups and perky chests, it’s unfortunately 100 percent untrue. If you do push-ups, they won’t affect the droopiness of your chest in any way. This is due to the fact that breasts consist of fat rather than muscle. Since they’re not muscle, push-ups cannot help tighten them in any way. Having said that, it’s important to note that chest exercises can often better the pectoral region’s appearance by making ligaments tougher.

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5. If you’ve heard about training bras and breast growth, you can immediately disregard all of that info. Training bras in no way are capable of encouraging breast growth. The purpose of these bras is to offer wearers support, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re a young woman who wears a training bra, your breast growth will occur with or without these types of bras.

6. Some people say that messages can promote breast growth. If you’ve ever tried massaging your chest in the hopes of achieving large and enviable breasts, you were, unfortunately, wasting your time. Massaging the breasts has absolutely zero effect on how big they grow. That’s just reality.

7. It’s often said that breasts cease growing once women exit their teen years. Although that may be true for some women, it’s definitely not true for all of them. The good news is that breasts sometimes continue growing until women reach their early twenties. If you’re young women in college, there’s a chance that your breasts aren’t done with the growth process.

When it comes to your breasts (and anything else in life, really), knowledge is power. Stop believing these unfortunate breast myths and instead focus on the truth. Just remember that you can try all the exercises and massages you want, but your natural breast size is always going to be your natural breast size. The goal is to be happy with the natural assets you already have. They’re wonderful, after all!

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