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Can A One Night Stand Ever Lead To Something More?

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Can A One Night Stand Ever Lead To Something More?

Can A One Night Stand Ever Lead To Something More?

In today’s culture, one night stands are sometimes the first major interactions people have with each other, with the exception of a quick (and sometimes literal) mating dance or drinks beforehand. Love experts Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist; Cathleen Miller, a holistic practitioner and author; Liz Caldwell, a divorce coach; and Steven Sisler, a behavioral analyst, split on their opinions on the value of one night stands. Helen Fisher told us that despite conventional wisdom, surveys she conducted indicated that up to 35 percent of respondents said at least one of the one night stands they had had led to a long-term relationship, while Cathleen Miller said that the psychological cues resulting from a one night stand confuse the brain and might tell us to go deeper into a relationship that from a practical perspective could be ill-advised.

Can A One Night Stand Ever Lead To Something More?

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A sensible person may be correct in following not just their hormonal urges when situations are threatening to escalate in physicality but in taking into account practical concerns as well and using quick, sensible judgment. “Going with your gut instinct” may be the best course of action in such circumstances, i.e., using your brain as much as your body — intuition is defined as such for a reason.

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