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If Your Man Doesn’t Want $EX Look For THIS

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If Your Man Doesn't Want $EX Look For THIS

If Your Man Doesn’t Want $EX Look For THIS

If you have noticed that your man is not coming to the bedroom or making love to you as often as he did in the past, or ever, you may start to wonder what is wrong. You may wonder if he still finds you attractive or if he is turned off over those five pounds you recently gained. Typically, when men aren’t coming to you in the bedroom, there is more at play than your appearance. Here are a few reasons why your man is staying out of the bedroom and what you can do to solve it.

Doesn't Want S*X

He Is Bored
When you have been in a relationship with someone and you go through the motions of a day- to-day life, life can get boring and monotonous. The same is true for romantic relationships. Make sure you set aside time to do things that are spontaneous and different to make sure he does not get bored. When a couple does the same things and never change the position or explore one another in various ways, then the excitement is not there any longer.

He Has been Shot Down By You Too Frequently Lately
If your man has been trying to come to bed, and you have given excuse after excuse, such as you being tired, not feeling well, or just not in the mood, it can be a blow to your man’s ego. After awhile, he may stop initiating for fear of getting shot down. If you think this is what has happened in your relationship, try initiating and letting him know you do want him to slowly restore his fragile ego.

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He May Be Dealing With Stress or Health Issues that Have Nothing To Do With You
When your man is dealing with stress, he is not in the mood to try and be romantic. His main focus is to figure out how to fix whatever the issue may be. Unfortunately, many men may keep their stressors to themselves, so you may have no idea what is going on. Unfortunately, it will cause him to pull away and leave you wondering why. Also, your guy may have health issues that he doesn’t want to talk about. No one wants to make love while their back hurts or when they feel a cold coming on. But while you may vocalize these issues to him, he may not do the same to you, leaving you in the dark about why he suddenly isn’t hungry for you in bed.

Physical relationships with your man can go in cycles. Sometimes you make love frequently, and other times, less often. These cycles can vary based on both of your interests, moods, and how well the relationship is going. If you find that your partner is less romantic than you like, and that isn’t normal, it is best to talk with him and find out what is going on. Communication is key to any relationship, and can help you to both better understand one another.

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