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By Using This Walking Method You Can Burn Tons of Fat in 8 Weeks!

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By Using This Walking Method You Can Burn Tons of Fat in 8 Weeks!

By Using This Walking Method You Can Burn Tons of Fat in 8 Weeks!

Walking can do a lot for your health and appearance. It might seem too easy, compared to sweating at the gym or hiking uphill, but if you follow a regular walking program you will be rewarded! Tips for success include wearing the right shoes, warming up before your walk and walking slowly for the last few minutes in order to cool down.

Consistency is the key to making this work and starting out with reasonable goals will help you stick to it. The first goal should be a short walk that leaves you a bit out of breath at the end. This can even be a walk around the block or a certain distance down the street. Just do this every day at a convenient time and don’t skip it!

To understand why walking helps to get slimmer body, let’s do some calculation. For example, a 60-minute walk at 3 MPH burns 240 calories. Speed up to 4 MPH, and you can burn those calories in 42 minutes. Keep it up for an hour, and you’ll burn nearly 50% more calories—364 total. At that pace, walking 5 days a week, you could lose an extra 10 pounds a year!

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After a couple of weeks, the daily walk will not feel as strenuous and you will find that you want to increase the distance. Once again, find a route that suits your increasing stamina and be sure to make the time for it daily. Ramping up your walking speed trains the heart, lungs, and skeletal muscles to use oxygen more efficiently. Such an incredible benefits! Researchers at the University of Michigan also found that women who walked at 4.2 MPH for 15 weeks increased their bone density, while those who walked 3.4 MPH saw their bone density decrease.

There are some tips how to walk faster:

For faster walk pump your arms and use your toes. Roll your foot smoothly from heel to toe while walking. And bend your elbows 90 degrees and don’t let your arms swing out to the side; it’ll slow you down.


By the third week, you have a consistent schedule of walking set up, time yourself with a stopwatch or the second hand of your watch. Once you know how long it takes to complete your walk, you can start shaving minutes off of the next step and muscle up your speed.

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Strong muscles let you recruit more muscle power to propel you forward and also improve posture. All you need for “leg adduction” is a resistance exercise band. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise. To carry out exercise as on the picture below.

8 week program

By the fourth week, something will start to be apparent. You are in better shape! Whether it’s pounds lost, loose clothing or just the ability to walk a mile without huffing and puffing, you have made progress! Now It’s time to strengthen buttocks and hamstrings by doing lunges.


By the eighth week of this plan, the distance walked will be greater, you will be walking it faster and it will be less tiring than you ever thought it could be.

The key to success in a walking program is to start with a realistic goal and to be sure and complete that goal consistently. At first, it will seem that the walking is not making much of a difference. But noticeable results will be seen within eight weeks if you have faith in the system.

A bonus of adopting a walking regime is that your health will improve. Walking strengthens the heart, increases blood circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients to your organs. In other words, walking is good for the heart and lungs. The added benefit of having a walking plan is that, besides looking better, you will feel better because of the improvement in your health!

Image source:  Prevention.com

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