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Flatten Your Belly Quickly With These Easy Tips

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Flatten Your Belly Quickly With These Easy Tips

Flatten Your Belly Quickly With These Easy Tips

Dieting and exercising can be exhausting, but there are other ways to lose weight. Minor adjustments to your diet and actions can have slimming results. Here are 33 tips that will flatten your belly with minimal effort.

Toast Your bread

— Studies have found that toasting bread lessens blood sugar spikes.

Make a Frozen Fruit Smoothie

— Frozen fruits make tasty, creamy smoothies that have high nutrition levels.

Microwave Tea

— Researchers have discovered that warming tea in the microwave increases metabolism-boosting catechins.

Eat Eggs for Breakfast

— A protein packed breakfast will prevent cravings later on.

Put More Sauce on Pasta

— fewer noodles and more sauce lessens calories in pasta dishes.

Add Oil to Rice

— Adding fats to carbs prevents rapid digestion and lowers calories.

Use Fruit Instead of Syrup

— Tasty fruit compotes have fewer calories than maple syrup.

Eat Spicy Foods

— Spicy foods have fat-burning capsaicin.

Marinate With Beer

— Researchers say marinating meat with beer lowers obesity-causing endocrine disruptors.

Eat Carrots

— Carrots provide disease-fighting carotenoids.

Try Peppadew

— These peppers are a great snack which satisfies sweet and savory cravings.

Create Eating Rituals

— Focus on enjoying food instead of mindlessly binging.

Eat Angel Food Cake

— This dessert only has 72 calories in each slice.

Drink Before Eating

— You might just be thirsty, instead of hungry.

Nap More

— Quality sleep time promotes weight loss.

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Hide Treats

— You are less likely to eat treats if you do not see them.

Get Help From a Friend

— Text reminders about diet goals will prompt healthier choices.

Listen to Music While Shopping

— Studies show that upbeat tunes keep you from buying too much while grocery shopping.

Make a Meatloaf

— This low-calorie dinner is extremely versatile and easy to make.

Watch Comedies

— Laughing burns calories and boost metabolism.

Eat Like a Japanese Person

— Follow the Japanese tradition of only eating until 80% full.

Dress Casually

— Studies have discovered that wearing jeans instead of formal wear or business attire encourages a more active behavior.

Use Greek Yogurt

— Greek yogurt is an excellent low-calorie substitute for mayonnaise and sour cream.

Have a Late Snack

— An afternoon snack is less likely to trigger overeating than a morning or evening snack.

Substitute Nuts

— Chopped nuts are not empty calories like breadcrumbs are.

Eat Green Bananas

— Bananas that are not very ripe have better forms of starch and fiber.

Add Cinnamon

— Cinnamon improves sensitivity to insulin, which prevents blood sugar spikes.

Do Not Avoid Egg Yolks

— They are a valuable source of fat-fighting choline.

Add Protein to Breakfast

— You can add yogurt or eggs to oatmeal to increase protein levels.

Focus on Food

— Multitasking during meals makes you eat more, so skip the book or television while eating.

Bake Bacon

— Oven cooked bacon contains less fat.

Make Overnight Oats

— Soaking grains overnight increases digestibility.

Add Pepper

— Black pepper contains compounds which actually interfere with fat cell formation.

Following these tips can make weight loss easy and fast. What other tricks do you have for reducing belly fat comfortably and quickly?

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