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2 Natural Ways to Destroy Bad Odor From Your Sink

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2 Natural Ways to Destroy Bad Odor From Your Sink

2 Natural Ways to Destroy Bad Odor From Your Sink

A kitchen sink needs constant care to keep it from assaulting your nose with a bouquet of nasty odors. Last night’s dinner might have tasted great, but letting the leftovers sit in the disposal overnight is a recipe for disaster. The good news is that you don’t need a bunch of harsh chemicals to destroy bad odor from your sink. Everything you need for a fresh-smelling sink is sitting in your pantry. Try these two methods to make your sink sparkle.

Natural Ways to Destroy Bad Odor From Your Sink

Method One: Deep Clean the Entire Sink

Use this method first to thoroughly clean the entire sink and banish odors.


  • Table salt
  • 2 lemons
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda

Cut the lemons in half crosswise and liberally sprinkle with salt. Use the lemon halves like a sponge and scrub every inch of the sink. Squeeze the lemons to release the juice and add more salt as needed. Don’t forget to scrub the sides, faucet and the faucet base where gunk accumulates.

Don’t forget the drain stopper. Disgusting smells are lurking there, especially under the rubber gasket. Put the stopper in a bowl of hot vinegar and let it soak while you’re cleaning the sink. Let it soak for about a half hour, then wipe and rinse.

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After you’ve thoroughly scrubbed the sink, rinse it well. Look at it sparkle! Now it’s time to deodorize the drain. Pour ½ cup of baking soda in the drain and briefly start the garbage disposal to disperse the baking soda.

Let the baking soda sit for a few minutes and then pour one cup of hot vinegar into the drain. Watch and listen as the bubbling action literally destroys the gross buildup and smells. When the foaming stops, throw the leftover lemons into the disposal and turn it on (don’t forget to turn on the water) and enjoy the citrusy goodness.

Method Two: Maintenance

Since most unsavory sink smells come from the disposal, use this simple method as often as needed to keep it fresh.


  • Ice cubes
  • Table salt

Fill the drain to the top with ice cubes. Add a cup of table salt. Turn on the garbage disposal and run cold water until all the ice is gone. This loosens up stuck-on food particles and keeps the blades sharp.

Repeat these methods often to make your sink sparkle and smell oh-so-fresh. Your nose will thank you.

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