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Men’s Psychology: Can A Man Actually Resist A Gorgeous Woman?

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Men’s Psychology: Can A Man Actually Resist A Gorgeous Woman?

Men’s Psychology: Can A Man Actually Resist A Gorgeous Woman?

Ah, men. Such interesting and complex creatures they can be. After all the time we’ve spent on this planet, men and women remain a mystery to the other. What, exactly, draws a man to a woman? In order to answer that question, first we must delve into the male psyche.

Men's Psychology- Can A Man Actually Resist A Gorgeous Woman?

The Laws of Attraction

It all starts with a glance. That certain look in a woman’s eye, perhaps the way she tosses her hair. Or it might even be her eye color. What is it that draws a man to a certain woman? Is it mere chemistry, or is it even more than that? Furthermore, if a man is already in a committed relationship, is he immune to the charms of a beautiful, intriguing woman? Will his love alone guarantee his faithfulness (fidelity) to his partner? Perhaps we should start by examining why a particular man is attracted to a particular woman (or type of woman).

Part of that answer is simple-hormones, pheromones, evolutionary hard-wiring in a man’s brain that subconsciously alert him too attractive features that a particular woman possesses. One of these features is the woman’s hips.

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While the old joke still runs rampant regarding a woman’s “child-bearing hips,” the importance of that particular feature is actually based in reality. If a woman’s hips are broad but taper to an appealing, curvy, hourglass figure, the male instinctively knows that she is fertile and quite capable of reproduction.

Other factors include pheromones, the scent signals that both men and women are exposed to on a constant basis but are only aware of on a subconscious level. Men and women who possess and/or emit a certain smell stimulate the olfactory nerves, which in turn stimulate certain parts of the brain. These pheromones are just as important as hormones when it comes to noticing, meeting, and possibly even marrying someone. Certain chemicals in the brain are also responsible for that initial rush of attraction, most notably, testosterone in the man.

Other chemicals which factor into attraction, love, and possible infidelity are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and adrenaline, just to name a few. Dopamine, known as the “feel-good” chemical, does just that it’s responsible for that warm rush you feel whenever the subject of your intense focus returns your attention. Oxytocin is responsible for the intense bonding between couples. As a matter of fact, love has been likened to an addiction, thanks to all these chemicals that seem to increase and flood your brain when you least expect it.

Fidelity-What Is It, And Can All Men Be Trusted To Remain Faithful?

The general definition of fidelity is simple -complete commitment, trust, and respect between husband and wife. However, while most people tend to think in the physical terms of infidelity, emotional infidelity can occur as well. This happens when someone feels an emotional connection with someone else, someone whom they feel understands them on every level.

Physical contact doesn’t even have to occur for emotional infidelity to occur. Sharing your deepest thoughts, secrets, fears, and wishes with someone other than your partner constitutes the highest and perhaps the worst form of infidelity there is. When it comes to men, will their psychological makeup allow them to turn a blind eye to even the most astounding of women, or is infidelity a crucial part of their biological makeup?

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In other words, are men predisposed to infidelity? Since cavemen times, men sought mates to reproduce with, and women sought mates in order to have their most basic needs met-protection and survival. Even though we’ve come a long way, baby, love and all of its resulting idiosyncrasies can all be chalked up to the chemicals that are flowing through our brains and bodies at any given time. If that’s not a mood-killer, then I don’t know what is.

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