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15 Ways Pomegranate Revitalizes Your Heart And Liver

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15 Ways Pomegranate Revitalizes Your Heart And Liver

15 Ways Pomegranate Revitalizes Your Heart And Liver

The pomegranate has a history that began centuries ago. It originated in Iran. Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin American, and the United States all have sources of this beneficial fruit. Countless studies show pomegranates to be a source of vital nutrients the body needs and an aid to body maintenance.

Cholesterol helps build new cells, produce hormones, and insulate nerves. The liver makes cholesterol needed by the body. Animal-based foods such as eggs, milk, and meat also add cholesterol. Too much cholesterol is a heart disease risk factor.

Pomegranate Revitalizes Your Heart And Liver

The first benefit presented here is that pomegranate protects the liver. It aids in the rebuilding process of the liver needed because of substance or alcohol abuse. The second benefit is that pomegranate has antioxidants that reduce bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol. Excess cholesterol in the body causes it to build up in the artery walls resulting in the heart disease, atherosclerosis. Benefit number four, pomegranates prevent this build-up. Number five: They destroy free radicals in the vascular system.

Pomegranate contains minerals and vitamins that are part of balanced nutrition. Benefit number six is the mix of vitamins and minerals ensures healthy blood flow. Anti-coagulates, found in pomegranate, are blood thinners that smooth the flow of blood. Proper blood flow allows the heart to function as it should. An added benefit, number seven, is the improved resistance to viruses caused by infections. A battle to fight hardening of the arteries is underway. The campaign reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and heart disease.

Many diabetics have heart disease. Managing blood sugar, exercise, and diet required to keep diabetes under control is also good for the heart. Benefit number eight is pomegranate regulates sugar levels. It slowly absorbs into the blood without causing sugar spikes. Number eight is an insulin sensitivity improvement. Pomegranate helping with weight loss is the ninth benefit. It contains natural fat and cholesterol. The soluble and insoluble fiber increases food satisfaction and bulk in body waste. It regulates bowel movements, improves digestion, and expels toxins and fat.

Pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties that benefit several body parts. Benefit ten is inflammation in blood vessel linings decrease. Inflammation reduction is just one benefit to the circulatory system dependent on the heart. Benefit eleven is a reduction in inflammation and lesions of blood vessels, caused by using pomegranates, helps with controlling blood pressure, another heart affecting factor. Being high in Vitamin C, provides the twelfth benefit, pomegranates have an anti-inflammatory property that reduces asthma in young children and alleviates redness and soreness in the throat.

The reproductive system benefits from pomegranate too. Benefit number thirteen is the iron-rich fruit compensates red blood cell deficiency, making it beneficial during women’s monthly menstruation cycles. Number fourteen is pomegranate is helpful in overcoming menopause malaise. Lastly benefit fifteen: A daily glass of juice from pomegranates boosts love desire. It provides a natural Viagra effect without side effects.

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