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How to Win Over that Woman by Turning on Your Manly Charm!

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How to Win Over that Woman by Turning on Your Manly Charm!

How to Win Over that Woman by Turning on Your Manly Charm!

Is there a lady in your life to whom you’re strongly attracted? Do you want to ramp up the chances of having your love returned? We’ve gathered scientifically-proven tips for how to showcase your charm. Below are surefire ways to be completely irresistible.

Turn on Your Manly Charm and Win Over That Woman!


Sustaining a fulfilling relationship involves three phases:

  • winning her heart
  • cementing your connection
  • making it last


Two ways to win her heart are:

  • making her feel special
  • demonstrating how amazing you are

1. Show a Keen Interest.

Her beauty may set your pulse racing. However, focusing on physique isn’t enough to capture her heart. You need to learn what’s important to her. To find out, ask pointed questions. These are queries that elicit more than a one-word response. They’re open-ended. They prompt reflection. Your interaction will build trust. As you seek to discern what makes her tick, show your genuine curiosity. Look deeply into her eyes. Give her your focused attention. Here are some questions you might ask:

  • What’s your best childhood memory?
  • What’s your idea of an ideal vacation?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What’s your favorite way to spend free time?
  • What are your dreams for the future?

2. Be Chivalrous.

Being well-mannered racks up major points. Treat her like a lady by:

  • offering your coat if she’s cold
  • opening doors
  • pulling out her chair at the table
  • letting her order first at a restaurant

3. Shower Her With Compliments.

Women never tire of being admired. Offer praise regularly, and her face will glow the moment she sees you. She’ll associate you with being appreciated.

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MensXP suggests the following accolades:

  • You’re such a beautiful woman!
  • I love you just the way you are.
  • You’re the only one for me.
  • It doesn’t matter where we are, so long as we’re together.
  • You inspire me to be a better person.

4. Be Reliable.

  • Strive to always be on time. Occasional delays are understandable. However, if you’re chronically late, she may take it to mean you consider your time more valuable than hers.
  • Remain true to your word. If you say you’ll call her at a designated time, be sure to follow through.
  • Respond quickly if she needs help with something. Don’t wait to ask if she wants assistance. If you do, she may wave you off, and you’ve lost a chance to shine.

5. Show Kindness to Others.


If you have the opportunity to meet her parents, try to earn their approval. Dad is likely to be protective of his daughter, regardless of her age. Mom will be seriously sizing you up.

Before meeting her father, ask questions about him. Find out the type of work he does and if he has an interest in sports. Are any topics off limits? Her answers will offer clues for conversation.

Dress well. You can’t go wrong with a button-down shirt and pressed slacks. You might want to get a haircut and trim your nails. Buy flowers for her mother and a bottle of wine for Dad.

When you meet her folks, extend your hand for a firm handshake. Make direct eye contact. Address them as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” It’s best to avoid sensitive subjects, such as politics and religion.

If sharing a meal, use your best table manners. “Yes sir,” will get you on the fast track to Dad’s acceptance.


Being nice to her friends means a great deal to her. Offer them compliments. Engage them in amiable conversation. Be fun and sweet to them.

If you’re not too keen on someone, keep it to yourself. She won’t appreciate a negative view of a friend who’s been in her life much longer than you.

Wait Staff

When at a restaurant, be courteous to wait staff. A generous tip is a winsome gesture.

Clerks and Blue-Collar Workers

Be especially considerate of clerks and those who do manual labor. Their jobs are physically demanding, boring, and stressful. Your lady will be moved by your congenial and compassionate nature.


1. Be Supportive.

  • Be your honey’s biggest fan. Applaud her choices, decisions, and successes. Comfort her in loss. Provide a shoulder to cry on. Pump her up with encouragement. Here are some case-in-point scenarios:
  • Offer calming words when she’s nervous.
  • Send a confidence-boosting text message before a job interview.
  • Take her out for a congratulatory dinner when she gets the job.

2. Take care of her when she’s ill.

Here are sample ways to pamper her:

  • Go to the pharmacy for medicine and supplies to speed her healing.
  • Brew up medicinal tea.
  • Serve up chicken soup.
  • Bring a movie for her to watch.
  • Buy her a pair of super-soft socks.
  • Provide a snuggle-buddy like a teddy bear or body pillow.
  • Give her a foot massage.
  • Tend to chores she’s unable to manage, such as pet care, housecleaning, and laundry.
  • Check in with text messages and phone calls when you’re apart.

3. Remember important days.

When she mentions an upcoming special occasion, make a note of it on your calendar. Then honor the day in a distinctive way. She’ll be delighted by your thoughtfulness.


4. Share Your Feelings.

Spare her from having to constantly prompt communication. Entering an emotional cave and brooding will frustrate her. Instead, freely reveal:

  • what makes you anxious
  • poignant past experiences
  • your aspirations

Also, take the initiative to keep attuned to her life. Two words that will take you far are “I understand.” This short sentiment immediately diffuses stress. When she’s upset, one of the best things you can do is just listen. Though men are wired to fix what’s wrong, she may not be seeking advice. Much of the time, she’ll just want to vent and devise her own solutions to problems.

5. Ask Her Opinion.

When you seek her advice, it shows you value her input. If you’re faced with a difficult decision, ask what she would do. This is a nod to her intelligence. It’s a high form of flattery.

6. Give Her Space.

If you’re always in her face, you’re going to annoy her. Breathing room lets her reflect on why she adores you. Try to find the balance between showing how much you like her and creating a little distance.

Maintain your independence. Although she’s often on your mind, you need to have a separate life. Impress her with your self-reliance. Remain involved in hobbies and activities that make you happy. The more content you are, the better company you’ll be.


1. Surprise Her!

  • Buy that handbag she’s been eyeing. Wrap it in pretty paper and leave it in a prominent place for her to find.
  • Send her flowers at work even though there’s no special occasion.
  • Leave love notes where she’s likely to see them. Post them on the bathroom mirror, her coffee machine, or dresser. Keep them short, sweet, and meaningful.

2. Invent new things to do together.

This keeps the magic alive! Examples are:

  • Visit a winery.
  • Enroll in a cooking class.
  • Take dancing lessons.
  • Learn a new sport.
  • See a play.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Join a gym.
  • Play a new board game.

You might ask what she’s always wanted to do but never has. This will spark some novel ideas. Then enjoy the excitement of planning the activity.

3. Be an interesting conversationalist.

Talking about the same things all the time gets dry after a while. To make yourself an engaging spokesman, stay current with news, documentaries, and books. She’ll find you truly fascinating!

4. Maintain a respectable appearance.

Getting lax about the way you look detracts from your attractiveness.

  • Dress up for date nights.
  • Try to avoid beard stubble and the five o’clock shadow.
  • Stay handsome by eating healthy, exercising, and getting adequate sleep.

5. Be Forgiving.

It’s been said that “resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  8/ We all make mistakes. Often we hurt others by speaking or acting too quickly. Once damage is done, be quick to make amends. Clean the slate as soon as possible. Letting wounds fester has dire consequences. You end up with migraines and tense muscles. She becomes the Ice Queen and gives you the cold shoulder. Shrug off little annoyances and let them go. Forgiveness restores levity to a relationship. Two healing words are “I’m sorry.”

6. Keep Her Laughing.

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Learn what she finds funny and keep a repertoire of ways to make her laugh. When my husband wants to coax me out of a funk, he’ll put on his Indiana Jones hat. Seeing him in that fedora and boxer shorts always gives me the giggles.

Other activities that inspire smiles are:

  • singing a silly song
  • speaking in a high-pitched voice
  • a funny secret code-word
  • recalling an amusing event


I met the man who became my husband when I was 26. Initially, I thought we were entirely incompatible. He talked a blue streak, and I was rather quiet. He preferred the city, and I loved the country. I was career-minded, and he was content working as a home attendant.

It took three months for me to warm up to him. What kept the relationship going was that I knew he deeply cared about me.

Two weeks after we met, he bought me a lovely watch. He didn’t have much money, so I knew the gift was a sacrifice. He liked to ask my opinion and hear what I thought. Even though he wasn’t much for hiking, he obliged since it made me happy. He consistently put my needs and wishes ahead of his.

Tommy made me a better person. He taught me generosity. From him, I learned the art of patience. I became fluent in forgiving since it was second nature to him. He was a man of mercy. His kindness floored me.

We’ve been together 33 years. I tell you this so you don’t get discouraged. If your lady friend is slow to respond, don’t give up the ship. Persist until she can’t resist. Keep pouring on the charm, and she’ll likely come around. One bright day your bond may blossom into becoming husband and wife.

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