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Find The Right Workout Based On Your Body Type!

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Find The Right Workout Based On Your Body Type!

Find The Right Workout Based On Your Body Type

Just like in the world of real estate, it’s all about location. Unfortunately, when it comes to our bodies, we don’t really have that much of a choice. Before call your mother and start telling her it’s all her fault your jeans don’t fit, remember although genetics plays a major role in the battle of the bulge, what you do and what you don’t do makes a big difference in the world of being a fruit.


Although an apple is sweet and delicious, if you happen to be one, it might be time to revamp your exercise regimen. Apple-shaped women tend to carry extra weight in the tummy region, which puts us at a higher risk for serious medical issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Strive for at least workouts sessions of 30-40 minutes each per week (think swimming, walking, cycling) with strengthen training to build an attractive core and sculpted arms.


Women with pear-shaped bodies tend to be bottom heavy and smaller on top. Now, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to filling out those Apple Bottom jeans, being a pear isn’t so bad. Pears tend to store fat in their bottoms and thighs, so a workout plan that focuses on your lower half combined with upper body strength training is idea. Ideal workout is three to four high-intensity cardio sessions per week for 30-45 minutes combined with strength training two or three times per week to add muscle definition to your top and add balance to your appearance.

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Women who have the equal shape on both ends can be classified as a rectangle (not glamorous at all) or a chilli pepper (think hot and spicy). These gals are fortunate enough to be able to wear just about anything, but they can be lacking in the curves department. Create curves with strength training two to three times per week, and don’t be afraid of bulking up because you won’t. Using heavier weights with less repetitions will build muscle definition. Pair it up with a few moderately intense cardio sessions to keep your heart healthy and increase stamina.


These hourglass beauties have curves galore, but they also tend to store extra fat all of the body. Zap fat and torch calories with high-energy cardio such as Zumba or HITT several times a week. Throw in a couple of sessions of all over strength training and you will give Jessica Rabbit a run for her money.

Even though ideal silhouette of a woman’s body has been pulled, stretched and even airbrushed into what the world thinks is should be, women are beautiful regardless of shape or size. So work with what you have, and make what you have work for you.

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