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Old-Fashioned Dating Rules that Should Stay!

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Old-Fashioned Dating Rules that Should Stay!

Old-Fashioned Dating Rules that Should Stay!

In today’s busy world, some dating advice is past its time to be put away. Some advice is still worth following, and other advice is, well, not completely applicable for a situation.

One old-fashioned rule that everyone is saying should be followed is letting the man pay for the first date. How many times have you been on a date and the other (who had agreed they would pay at least a portion of the date) left their wallet at home? If it’s honest, give them the benefit of the doubt. If not, they may not be the right one.

A second rule is not to be “easy”. Going too far on a first date can only complicate the relationship later on down the line. This being said, waiting for marriage or until the romance blossoms with your significant other. This keeps your head clear for when it really is time to start thinking about getting serious on that level.

Another rule is to treat the woman like a lady, and treat the man like a gentleman. While these notions of what is a lady and gentleman have changed since the time of pocket watches and calling cards, letting the woman know she’s special will take you a long way. Letting the man feel like he is leading in some aspects is another good way to keep the relationship healthy. After all, not many men would be willing to hold the door for any woman – even their date.

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Another good thing to do is to call or text the next day. While doing it too soon (such as five minutes after the date) is a bad idea, letting it cool and then saying that you liked it is good. Maybe the other person will entertain the idea of a second date; maybe not. However, don’t turn into that person who simply ignores a person their not interested in. No one likes that.

One rule to be ignored for years past, however, is cutting those you’ve broken up with from your life. Maybe they were a good friend before the date, and it simply won’t work out romantically for you. Keep them as good friends. One way to make a future date feel better about doing so is to show that you can do it. While excessively referring to a past relationship is still a no-no, talking about friends is not. After all, you hang out with people like you.

Another rule to ignore is playing hard to get. This simply drives the other person crazy trying to figure out when you’ll be available to go on a date. It’s not a good idea – period.

Do you think the rules of modern dating should revert to the days when a date to the dinner and a movie only cost us $7.oo ? Email us or leave a comment.

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