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10 Warning Symptoms To Remind You It’s Time to Flush Toxin Out of Your Body!

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10 Warning Symptoms To Remind You It's Time to Flush Toxin Out of Your Body!

10 Warning Symptoms To Remind You It’s Time to Flush Toxin Out of Your Body!

Pesky Toxins

Toxins are everywhere, just waiting to overload our bodies and leave us hanging in a state of unbalance. They’re almost everywhere, from the polluted air we breathe to the hormone- injected and pesticide-covered food we consume. Other toxins come from drug and tobacco use, household and personal care products, and of course, through stress and negative emotions.

10 Symptoms To Remind You To Rid Your Body Of Harmful Toxins

If ignored, these toxins can become dangerous to our bodies. That’s why it is so important to engage in a cleansing detox from time to time. Keeping your body cleansed is a crucial step in maintaining overall health and preventing disease.Certain symptoms serve as a signal that we should cleanse our bodies of the toxins that have accumulated.

Symptoms not to ignore include:

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1. Insomnia

– This symptom is a result of toxins accumulating in the tissues and blocking circulation.

2. Lack of Energy

– Feeling continuously fatigued is a sign of toxic overload. Our energy levels are connected to our gastrointestinal tracts, so once you clear out the tract, the feeling of fatigue should go away.

3. Skin Problems

– Irritations like acne, rosacea, and itchy skin signal a build-up of toxins in the body and within the skin. It is actually the body trying to flush out the toxins naturally through your skin. This one of the most obvious physical symptoms associated with being on toxin overload.

4. Headaches

– A result of the retention of toxin or tissue irritants in the central nervous system. This causes nerve tissue to become overly sensitive to other stimulants.

5. White or yellow-coated tongue

– This is due to the build-up of toxins in the blood. The tongue’s resistance and of other fluids is reduced, and the saliva loses its power to fight the growth of micro-organisms. The tongue becomes a breeding ground for different molds and bacteria.

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6. Congested sinuses

– this occurs from the regular inhalation of toxins, such as air pollution.

7. Abdominal bloating

– This symptom is often caused by toxins released in the body due to stress, anger, anxiety and negative emotions.

8. Gall bladder issues

– When toxin overload occurs in the liver, the bile that the liver releases to the gallbladder becomes overly concentrated. In turn, the gallbladder can become clogged by the thickened bile or by the gallstones that can form due to the especially thick bile.

9. Increased belly fat

– This happens because toxins mess with our body’s ability to balance blood sugar levels and metabolize cholesterol, which in time can lead to insulin dependence.

10. Overheating

– When the liver is overworked, it generates too much heat within itself, which causes the entire body to overheat. When this happens, excess sweat occurs as a result of the body trying to cool its core temperature and allow for extra toxins to be released through the skin.

While there is no way to completely avoid our exposure to common toxins, luckily there are steps we can take to limit our amount of exposure and to treat it. By staying aware of these symptoms and knowing that they signal a cleanse is needed, we stand a better chance at maintaining our physical health and body performance.

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