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This Common Herb Is Nature’s Solution To Stress

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This Common Herb Is Nature's Solution To Stress

This Common Herb Is Nature’s Solution To Stress

Lavender is a plant with lilac-colored blossoms. The plant has long been used in soaps and skin creams. However, the oil has been equally coveted for migraine relief, soreness relief, and aromatherapy. Lavender tea is recommended for anti-inflammatory benefits and relaxation.

This Common Herb Is Nature's Solution To Stress

When stressed, if lavender is diffused at night, it can help relax someone. This is an ideal oil to diffuse while you sleep if incredibly stressed. It also promotes a. For this reason, and others, lavender oil is considered the most essential oil to have.

If a diffuser is not handy, lavender oil on the feet, pillows, and bedding is another way to create a relaxing scent for bedtime. Adding it to the bath water will also help reduce stress. Insomnia is another thing that lavender oil in the bath or at night will help with. Lavender promotes good sleeping habits and can help relax someone so that they can fall asleep.

The stress reducing effects of lavender further help the body. By reducing stress, there is an opening for other benefits to come in. Hospitals use lavender to help calm patients down before a surgery that they have jitters about. It’s been proven to be even more relaxing than simple rest or a massage.

Lavender further helps the body by reducing anxiety. Less anxiety in turn means less stress and then more attention to what really matters in life. Adding lavender to a spray bottle helps get rid of smells in the house that can stress you out.

Lavender is a good idea for labor pains too. It helps ease them; less pain in labor can mean less stress, and it offers an ability to keep medication costs low.

Evidence also suggests that lavender helps with headaches. If the headaches are stress related (and yes, these do happen to some people), lavender might be the best weapon in their arsenal when the headaches get horribly bad. Hangovers can also be helped by lavender since they are simply headaches caused by alcohol.

To enjoy the benefits, it’s so simple. Add to a bath, lotion, or massage oil or use aromatherapy candles.

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