This Superfood Can Help Fight Bacterial Infections In The Stomach

Fig and Olive Oil Treatment

While bacterial infections can be tricky to treat, administering the fig and olive oil treatment is extremely easy. Simply place 40 dried figs into a glass bottle or jar, and then pour in unprocessed olive oil. Covering the figs in olive oil softens them and releases their curable entities, and best results are seen when each of the figs is cut into 4 pieces. Once combined, screw the lid on the jar and let it soak for 40 days. If your infection needs immediate attention, make 2 jars, using the figs from only 1 jar after 7 days have passed. An effective dose is 1 fig before every meal. Let the other jar continue to soak for the entire 40 days.

For Even Better Results

To streamline the treatment process, align your diet with your treatment. During this time, avoid overly spicy, sour, or fried foods, in addition to fatty meats. Boiling your meals is the suggested method of cooking during your treatment, and using olive oil when possible.

While bacterial infections of the stomach can be a nuisance, luckily there is a well-known, natural and safe cure for this ailment. If followed exactly as instructed, this method of consuming dried figs in olive oil should help to eliminate your infection just as effectively, if not more, than anything your physician can prescribe to you.