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Ladies Beware! 10 Types of Men You Should Avoid!

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Ladies Beware! 10 Types of Men You Should Avoid!

Ladies Beware! 10 Types of Men You Should Avoid!

As women, we tend to ignore any concerns we might have in the beginning of a relationship. We gloss over potential conflicts because we don’t want to rock the boat too early on. It is, after all, a new relationship and with time, he will come around and see things from our perspective, right? Wrong.

Ladies, beware of these 10 types of men that you should stay away from:

1. He doesn’t like your friends
Don’t let any man become more important than your friends. You aren’t perfect but neither is he, and for him to treat your friends disrespectfully is unacceptable.

2. The Liar
If he is willing to break your trust with a lie, he needs to go. Without trust there can be no relationship.

3. He does not know what he wants
This guy is so indecisive, he may give you whiplash! One day he wants you, the next day he wants to be friends. One day he wants kids, the next day he thinks puppies are just as rewarding as a family. Drop him. Most likely, he knows what he wants. He just doesn’t want it with you.

4. Set in his ways
This guy is so comfortable in his own habits that he doesn’t even consider your wants or needs. Plus, boredom is sure to set in with a dud who is unwilling to try new experiences.

5. He Fears Rejection

This guy will never open up enough to give you the chance to hurt him. Dump him now.

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6. He is attached to his mother

Don’t waste time on a man who will always compare you to a woman whom he views as perfect. Also, constantly seeking his mother’s approval may be a sign that he’s not capable of making his own decisions.
7. The workaholic
Being career-driven is a wonderful quality, but if he is solely focused on his work success, he will not be available to connect with you on an emotional level.
8. He has a different religion
It is difficult to build a family foundation with someone who has different values, especially if children become involved. It is important for 2 people in a relationship to share common beliefs.
9. The commitment-phobe
This man works hard to convince people he is happy with the bachelor-style life, but in reality he is too scared to let anyone in close enough to know his true self.
10. The social media addict
This man is most likely insecure and in need of validation from others or is in search of cheating outlets. Either way, let him go!Are you left wondering to yourself if there are any good men out there? Don’t worry, there are. Finding the right man might be the most challenging task you’ll ever take on, but now that you know which types of men to avoid, you can eliminate all the dead ends!

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