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Wondering If He Really Wants To Be With You? – Read THIS

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Wondering If He Really Wants To Be With You? - Read THIS

Wondering If He Really Wants To Be With You? – Read THIS

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We all want to be loved. When we find a person who we can truly see ourselves happy with, in the long run, our brain starts to ask all sorts of questions. We may do this as a defense mechanism because we’ve been hurt in past relationships or because genuinely care for someone so much that the fear of them not caring about us as many arises. The most important thing to do when this happens isn’t to screenshot all of his texts and analyze them with your best friend or spend hours replaying all of your conversations in your head. Instead, you just need to look at the man you’ve been falling for and ask yourself one thing: Does he treat me like a partner or a prize?


Sometimes it may not be easy to tell the difference, especially if you’re too mentally preoccupied with unearthing the deeper meaning behind his every move. You can know that a man wants to be with you by seeing the way he incorporates you into his life. He either continues to live his own while opening it up to you or he keeps you to himself and in a bubble together. This seems sweet in the beginning, but relationships that don’t evolve beyond the couple and merge into the real world don’t have the potential to grow. You’ll spend months only seeing him on the weekends and wondering why you aren’t becoming something more.

Sweet Nothings

How does he treat you? Does he compliment you on genuine qualities and listen to the things you have to say, or does he just let you know how “hot”, or “beautiful” you look without actually showing any interest in your life? A man who truly wants to be with a woman wants to know who she is. He asks for her opinion on things because he values her thoughts, talks about his emotions with her because he trusts her and talks to her about real subjects that actually matter.

Pick Yourself Up

A man who really wants to be with you will treat you like you’re special, but he won’t baby you. A man who loves you should see how strong you are, even during the moments when you don’t see it yourself.

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The best partners in life aren’t the ones that shield us from the world, but the ones who tell us to get up and try again, try harder because they know that we’re capable of succeeding and believe in us.

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A for Effort
When you find a man who truly wants to be with you, he’ll offer his time when he can. It doesn’t matter if he works constantly or is a full-time student. Whether it’s at night when he’s home or during his only break during the day, he’ll want to talk to you because you bring him happiness. Don’t convince yourself that he’s always busy. A man who really wants to be with a woman will make time for her because any effort it takes to do so is nothing compared to the alternative of not talking to her at all.

Finding the Truth in You

Trust your gut. Deep down, we can all tell when we’re wanted. If you only feel happy when you’re together but struggle to even have a real conversation when you’re apart, then things aren’t right and you know it. Knowing whether or not a man wants to be with you is important no matter what side of the fence you’re on; it will either affirm that you’ve found Mr. Right or give you the courage to move on and find the man who is.


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