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Do Kids Really Need To Drink Milk?

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Do Kids Really Need To Drink Milk?

Do Kids Really Need To Drink Milk?

Milk, it does the body good. Or, at least that’s what we’ve always been told. We’ve also been told not to believe everything you hear. While milk does offer valuable nutrients for the body, most of us are uneducated about this common household product and the many adverse problems it can pose.

Health Benefits of Dairy Milk

There are three primary ingredients contained in milk that can be beneficial to your health, and those are calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. It has been found that many who completely exclude milk from their diets are deficient in these nutrients, and this can lead to poor bone health and issues such as osteoporosis. Another of the health benefits of milk is that it is a great source of potassium, and potassium is responsible for proper heartbeat, the ability of muscles to move, and helping the kidneys filter blood.

Negative Effects of Drinking Dairy Milk

Stomach aches and pains are common, and what many don’t realize is that milk has been shown to be a primary culprit. In nature, cow’s milk is produced to provide  Since calves grow at a rapid rate, nearly half of the calories contained in milk comes from fat. Furthermore, studies have linked high-saturated-fat foods such as dairy fat to certain cancers. Children tend to be especially susceptible to the negative effects of the consumption of dairy milk. Among the all too common conditions that have been said to arise in children directly related to dairy consumption include:

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  • Cchildhood-onset (Type 1) diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Ear infections

With this being said, it’s safer to explore alternative options when it comes to providing your children ample calcium that doesn’t include milk or other dairy products. Rather than a glass of milk at dinner, for example, opt to give them almond milk.

The Role of the Media

Media surrounds us, and clever marketers do everything they can to convince us we need their products or services. It’s not surprising that we have been led to believe we need milk and dairy products to maintain proper health. As we watch television and see other forms of advertising, we are getting a very one-sided view without understanding the devastating side effects the consumption of dairy can actually have.

The Power is In Your Hands

Knowledge is power, and that power lies in your hands when it comes to the nutritional intake of you and the ones you love. The next time you reach for milk or another dairy product at the grocery store, think twice about the possibilities. Science does not lie, and the negative effects have been proven. Instead, you can consider other options to balance out the diet and help maintain proper nutrition and vitality.

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