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5 Craziest Things You’ve Heard from your Mother-in-Law!

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5 Craziest Things You've Heard from your Mother-in-Law!

5 Craziest Things You’ve Heard from your Mother-in-Law!

Once upon a time, a handsome prince met a beautiful princess. When the prince took his future bride home to meet the queen, she was adored, and they all lived happily ever after. Do you believe this story? If so, it’s probably because everyone used to believe in fairy tales at one point. Unfortunately, most of the time, mother-in-laws are a forced to be reckoned with and one has to become a dragon slayer if they want to stay alive.

The ongoing saga of the mother-in-law from the underworld has existed probably since the beginning of time. Nobody really knows why most women dislike their daughter in-laws, but they certainly do! Now I am not talking about the typical, “She is not good enough for you” line or “She’s a gold digger” catchphrase. I am talking about totally off the wall, possibly needing a psychiatric evaluation ASAP kind of thinking. Let’s take a look at these award-winning moms.


This once mother-in-law thought that is was impossible she would ever have to share her son with another woman, although the writing was kind of on the wall. Found screaming in a parking lot, “You stole my son!” is super creepy, to say the least. Needless to say, that union went south.


You know you are in trouble when your MIL tells you not to be so successful because it could negatively impact her precious baby’s self-esteem.

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How about this lovely woman who couldn’t seem to understand that her son did grow up. This type of MIL can be a big problem for most, but for one woman, it was a dream. Her now ex-husband and his mother are living in bliss again after the divorce. She even gets to was his dirty clothes. What a mom!


Remember when you were in high school and there was that clique girls who tortured you? You thought that when you graduated, the saga was finished. Flash forward 10 years and you have the leading role in Mean Girls Part II. This classic mother-in-law felt that demeaning the bride at the wedding was the best way to get rid of her. Informing her son that she loved him no matter what choice he made (eyebrows raised here) kind of set the ball in motion. That is, downhill.


This little ray of sunshine was so insistent that her son be with his ex, she would invite her over the house every day for three months. Now you have to give this mom credit. She showed that with a little determination and deceit, you too can ruin a marriage. Needless to say, this bride high-tailed it out of there.

Although there are some mother-in-laws that probably need to be hogtied from the moment they know you are getting married, there are some great ones out there too. If you happen to get stuck with the former, kill them with kindness, but make sure they know you have the rope and aren’t afraid to use it.

Do you have any Mother-in-Law stories you would like to share ? Send an email or leave a comment.

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