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Are You Aging Faster than Your Friends? Here is the Reason

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Are You Aging Faster than Your Friends? Here is the Reason

Are You Aging Faster than Your Friends? Here is the Reason

It always seems to happen. Your high school reunion comes around and despite all of you graduating at the same age (except that one kid who needed a few extra years), some of you look like you’re ready for retirement while others look like they’re still ready to hit senior year English.

Are You Aging Faster than Your Friends Here is the Reason


So what’s happening?

If new research has any sign, it has everything to do with individual factors that control aging. All told, 20 percent of aging can be attributed to genetic factors and the other 80 percent is controlled by factors such as diet, exercise, and hormones.

That’s good news for those wanting to appear younger and slap away the hand of Father Time and Mother Nature from touching their skin. In fact, there are many foods you can eat that will help combat the natural aging process.

Before talking about those, though, consider some of the hormones that contribute to aging.


Ah, yes, the same thing that’s responsible for maintaining blood sugar is responsible for wrinkling of the skin. Foods high in sugars such as juices, pastries, and processed grains only add to the problem.


Cortisol is that nifty hormone that combats stress in your body. It helps relieve inflammation and swelling. However, too much of it in your body produces a negative effect. This bad guy will thin and dull the skin, leading to premature sagging.


Estrogen is actually a good hormone to have in the body for keeping skin firm and elastic. As this hormone starts to wane in women in their 40s, their skin starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. It’s partly due to the increase in androgen, such as testosterone. The good news is estrogen supplements could help.


Testosterone is the main hormone in men, and helps keep their skin moisturized. Too much of it can lead to acne and too little dries the skin out. As men hit their 30s, their testosterone levels begin to decline, which also leads to drier skin. However, too much loss can lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

So, what foods can you start enjoying now to avoid the aging process?


Oats are complex carbohydrates, which means they’re a low-glycemic food. They’re good at filling you up without spiking your sugar levels and, consequently, your insulin levels.


Oranges are full of vitamin C, which is crucial to your body in keeping skin plump. They’re also full of water, which is great at keeping you hydrated.


You’ve heard it before — omega-3s are good for your skin. Salmon is full of it the fatty acids that help maintain your skin.

Lean Beef and Nuts

You need proteins in your skin because they contribute to collagen production. Lean beef is a quality way to obtain that protein. Of course, if you’re not a big fan of meat or you’re a vegetarian, you can always go the way of nuts. They contain vitamin E which not only prevents cell damage, but helps with bone strength.

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