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By Doing This Twice A Week Your Face Will Be Completely Clean

By Doing This Twice A Week Your Face Will Be Completely Clean.

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There are endless products on the market that purportedly get rid of acne. They show commercials of soaps and solutions washing out impurities from the pores, but this simply isn’t so. There are a few things that can actually cleanse pores properly. The major issue with most products is that they can exacerbate acne and other skin issues. They cause the natural pH balance of the skin to be imbalanced, they dry out the skin, they cause skin to lose elasticity, and there are other major issues. Regular acne products over-strip the skin of its oil and do not efficiently purge the pores of sebum and dead skin.

By Doing This Twice A Week Your Face Will Be Completely Clean.

Acne occurs for a few reasons. The skin’s pores become plugged with excessive sebum, and the skin otas acne bacteria present. Acne bacteria feeds on sebum. Acne bacteria may be present at any time; however, when there is an overproduction of sebum on the skin, the bacteria grows exponentially. Skin that has the proper pH balance wards off acne bacteria. Oddly, sebum combined with perspiration provide just the right balance the skin needs to effectively fight off acne bacteria. This means that the answer to clear skin is not to completely strip skin of sebum, but to have enough of it on the skin that it doesn’t overproduce and provides the right pH balance it needs. Also, pores need to be completely cleared so that sebum has a chance to escape the pore and moisturize the outer layer of skin.

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Natural products are most beneficial to the skin because they are not harsh on the skin and can attack the root of the problem without creating additional issues.

• For instance, steaming the face is useful in cleansing the pores without removing sebum from the outer layer of the skin. Please note that it’s not wise to place the face directly over the steam as it can be too hot for the skin. Although water doesn’t remove sebum from the skin, it can melt and cause an overproduction of sebum in this manner. To steam face, keep face about 5 to 10 inches away from the place the steam first rises. This allows for the pores and its contents to soften up, which will help to purge the pores of impurities. Gently, blot the face with a towel to dry it after finished.

Some natural products are not known by many because they appear not to be natural. For instance, salicylic acid comes from willow tree bark. Salicylic acid is the only type of acid that has been shown to be effective at exfoliating the skin inside of pores, which helps reduce blockage. It also removes sebum. We know that too much sebum removal is not good; however, doing a low-grade peel every 2 weeks won’t cause the skin to become unbalanced. After completing the peel, apply moisturizer. The skin will resume producing sebum at its normal rate again; however, the pores will be clear.

The key to acne is finding what really works. Focus on natural products that assist in maintaining the skin’s pH balance and cleanse the pore without damaging the outer layer of the skin.

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