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How To Reduce The Visible Signs Of Cold Sore

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How To Reduce The Visible Signs Of Cold Sore

Cold sores are a group of fluid-filled blisters that develop on the lips or around the mouth. An outbreak of such sore starts with a tingling sensation and eventually a small cluster of blisters appears in the affected area.

How To Reduce The Visible Signs Of Cold Sore

Check the visible signs of cold sore and how you can treat them in just 8 days.

Day 1: Tingling sensation around your lips.


The first visible sign of cold sore is the tingling and burning sensation in the area where those blisters are about to form. Prevent the outbreak at its initial stage and treat when it itches you first.


– Apply antiviral cream as it alleviates pain.
– Try applying Zovirax antiviral cream as soon as you get the tingle. Continue using this cream for best result as it stops the virus replicating and treat it rapidly.
– Don’t scratch the infected area as this may provoke the virus to spread.
– Wash your hands immediately, if you have touched the infected area.

Day 2 and 3 : Swelling in the infected area.


The next day, the tingling area turns into a bulge that makes the condition even worse. Though the pain has been relieved, the itch is still vibrating. The lumps appear white on the third day and this makes the sore more visible.


Keep applying the antiviral creams as it alleviates pain. Dab the cream on the top of lumps, but don’t rub it. Simply leave a layer of cream on the top of the area.
Prevent the sore from growing bigger this day. How? Here are the concerns you need to take care on this day. Check it below:

– Avoid squeezing the sore as this might delay the healing process.
– Use sunscreen whenever you go out during the daytime.
– Place ice-cubes on the sore as it helps in quick healing.
– Avoid acidic, salty and fried food as this might increase the pain.

Day 4 : Tingling Stops and Scab Appears!


Finally, on the fourth day, the itching sensation stops and you will notice a thick outer layer. Scab appears to be as skin color and so it is not very noticeable. How to deal at this stage? Here is the solution.


– Apply the antiviral cream around the cold sore, not on the scab.
– Don’t use water on the sore. Keep it dry.
– Avoid stretching and cracking of a scab.
– Don’t open your mouth wide as this may harm the sore.

Day 5 to Day 7 – Remove the dry skin and hard shell on the cold sore!


Scratching or cracking of scab leads to a worse condition. It may cause bleeding and pain. How to deal with such a condition?


The scab that has been developed on the previous day, should be taken a great care. Don’t allow the scab to crack until and unless the dry skin appears. Even avoid scratching of the infected area as this might stretch the scab to open. Try your best and keep the scab safe without any scratch or crack.

On the 6th day, you notice a dry skin around the scab and you need to remove the skin with the tweezers. Take a great care of the scab as you don’t want to bleed.

At the end of day 7, remove the scab gently through the water. Don’t remove the scab at once. First, try to remove the top hard shell and let the area get dry. Leave the healing tissue that lies under the scab. When the area dries out, you will notice a new skin.

Day 8: Keep applying the antiviral cream!

Though the scab has been removed and healed, you still see those dry skin flakes. Remove it with the tweezers. Even apply antiviral creams as the area is still infectious.

It has been just 8 days and those painful blisters have completely gone. It’s better if you prevent the visible symptoms of a cold sore and heal it quickly.

Author Bio:
Brendon Buthello has a detailed knowledge in medication and prevention measure on contagious disorders. In this article, he focuses on how to treat the visible symptoms of cold sore quickly. Even he explains how to reduce the healing process time and prevent the cold sore quickly.

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