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How to Keep Bad Moods from Ruining your Weekend

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How to Keep Bad Moods from Ruining your Weekend

How to Keep Bad Moods from Ruining your Weekend
By Andre Carvajal
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Bad mood or bad humor is a sudden, sometimes chronic discomfort related to brain chemistry alterations. Its can be caused by external events, something upsetting that happens, or internal, illness or sadness. Your mood can be modified by conscious decisions or unconscious. The weekend is a time designed to rest and enjoy distractions from your routine. Everyone has bad days, especially if you receive bad news or nothing goes right for you. If you are often in a bad mood this can get out of control and keep you away from enjoying life, it can affect your health and deteriorate relationships. In some sense there is a epidemic of bad humor around the country, optimists are often seen as idealistic or foolish. Have some compassion for people that are always mad or stressed and cannot enjoy a weekend of peace and tranquility because they are irritated. Follow these suggestions to help you enjoy your weekends.

How to Keep Bad Moods from Ruining your Weekend

Plan your weekends – For some its important to have a full schedule of entertaining activities all weekend, while others enjoy spontaneous activities and don’t plan anything. Try to have at least one plan, and enjoy the little things in life like having a leisurely breakfast, a relaxing bath, reading, gardening, or any activity you enjoy.

Don’t think about Monday– Some people pre-plan, thinking of the work week. Live for the moment and enjoy your weekend. If Monday and job duties are inevitable, relax, it will come soon enough.

Use your weekend for relaxing activities– Think and act positively, enjoy relaxing activities, alone or with others, try to focus on activities that raise your endorphin levels, those that make you happy and elevate your heart rate.

Avoid arguments– If you know you’re going to have an unnecessary argument or situation, try to avoid it. Remember to be calm and speak reasonable, use guidelines for assertiveness.

• Sing- Researchers have found that music changes your mood positively, even if you listen to melancholic tunes. Its easy to listen to music while doing others things, singing will make you feel even better.

Surround yourself with positive people– Look to friends, family, or romantic partner and enjoy life at its simplest and fullest: from watching a TV show together to simply being in the same room laughing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or be a party animal to socialize and enjoy the benefits of socialization.

If you have a hectic life utilize your spare time- Separate duty from pleasure, distract yourself from your job, go away from the city, take a short trip, take a walk or exercise, any activity that can keep you away from your routine is perfect.

• Make a routine for weekends- A routine is not the same as boring. You can make a routine of entertaining activities like going to the movies or simply sleeping late, anything that keeps you from a bad mood.

• Focus on your emotions- Try keeping a journal or blog on how you feel or check out self-growth groups like drama or improvisation classes, 12-step reunions or any course that interests you and facilitates awareness.

• Help others- There is nothing more rewarding than helping others. If you can handle and enjoy giving emotional support help someone through a charity organization. Help those you know. Good actions can make your day and improve your mood.

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