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Hidden Signs And Home Remedies For Herpes Treatment

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Hidden Signs And Home Remedies For Herpes Treatment

You Probably Have Herpes And You Definitely Don’t Know It. Hidden Signs And Home Remedies For Herpes Treatment

S TDs are viruses that spread through personal contact among partners. You may have been screened for several of these diseases throughout your lifetime, including herpes. This particular virus is incredibly common, and it has several variations that have mutated over the years. In fact, it’s possible that you have a form of herpes without even knowing about it. Read through these facts so that you understand herpes and its spread among millions of people.


The Real Statistics

According to the Center for Disease Control, one person out of every six will have the herpes virus. That means that you’ve probably met and interacted with dozens of infected people throughout your lifetime. If you compare the statistics to your chances of having herpes, there’s a very good chance that you have the virus. Herpes isn’t obvious at first, and it can remain dormant for many years. The statistics may even be slightly inaccurate because the reports are based on diagnosed herpes patients. In reality, there may be even more infected people.

Common Herpes Symptoms

The most common symptom of herpes are blisters. These growths usually occur near the genitals or around the mouth. When this outbreak occurs, you’ll notice other symptoms. In fact, you might experience fatigue, aches, fever and swollen lymph nodes. All of these symptoms are usually mistaken for other issues, including the common cold or ingrown hairs. As a result, most people who are infected with herpes won’t realize it unless they’re tested by a doctor.

How it is Transmitted

Herpes is mainly spread through personal contact with another person’s skin. Any blisters on the body might burst open with fluid. If another person touches this fluid, they can become infected. Contact with private parts and the mouth are other common ways to become infected with herpes. However, it’s important to note that any contact with the skin is a pathway to infection. To be as safe as possible, don’t touch another person if you’re unsure of their health.

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Aloe Vera Solution

If you suffer from herpes outbreaks, natural remedies are often your best solution for rapid healing and pain relief. Aloe vera comes from a succulent plant found in desert regions. The sap has healing properties that are also soothing on inflamed blisters. There are no natural remedies as herpes cures, but aloe vera and other substances can be used to calm any outbreaks. Simply rub the aloe vera liquid or lotion on the blisters and allow it to soak into the skin. You’ll feel less pain in a matter of minutes.

Honey Remedy

Honey is a distinct natural remedy for herpes because it has properties derived from the bees that made it. As bees create the honey, an enzyme forms hydrogen peroxide within the substance. Hydrogen peroxide helps the wound heal faster than without any topical ointment. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms cannot grow because of the sugar content of honey too. Your herpes wounds will heal in record time with honey covering the wounds.

According to Maxim, most doctors don’t screen for the type 2 version of herpes simplex. You can request certain S TD tests at your next appointment if you’re concerned about your health. Millions of people live with herpes today, but you must know the truth about your health before you can move forward.

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