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20 Practical Ideas To Bring Fun Back Into Your Life

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20 Practical Ideas To Bring Fun Back Into Your Life

20 Practical Ideas To Bring Fun Back Into Your Life

In 2011 the Chief Executive Officer of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Norman B. Anderson, released the statement that “America is at a critical crossroads when it comes to stress and our health”. It is no wonder stress is everywhere. According to the famous strategist George T. Doran, we task ourselves with goals that are not specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, nor timely (S.M.A.R.T). While we cannot change the world, we can definitely change the way that we see it. Check out some tips that may be able to help you, and may even bring fun back into your life.

20 Practical Ideas To Bring Fun Back Into Your Life


1. Do a daily trend– Assign a trend per each day of the week, ex: “Veggies only Monday”, or even a “Will not care Wednesday”. Celebrate your goal at the end of the day.

2. Try Feng Shui– A Chinese tradition dating over 3000 years, this practice is about re-positioning your surroundings to tap on energy. Try it!

3. Order dessert– You can split a decadent dessert and have a bit every day of the week. It will not make you fat. Add whipped cream to your daily piece so it feels bigger.

4. Change your driving route every 2 months– Sometimes what you need is a small change in your daily schedule to make a big difference.

5. Start a pinning or bookmarking trend– Use applications such as Pinterest to collect imagery of things that make you smile.

6. Remember the Wii craze with the dancing games? Get back to them! Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise.

7. Change the channel– News radio, talk shows and those “reality” shows thrive on discord. Switch to a comedy or a cooking show.

8. Take pictures– Check out applications such as Instagram or Flickr and join a common interest photo group

9. Re-explore your surroundings– Go online, or to your local library and see if your city has any urban legends, historical places, or famous people.

10. Go to a play– It is amazing to see actors performing live.

11. Go to antique stores– Pick a year in history, and see if you can find an item from that year.

12. Adopt a pet -There are many animals in need of a forever home.

13. Go to a foreign food restaurant– Make friends with the staff.

14. Order a free trial of language learning program– It is never too late.

15. Back to the Wii dance advise- Why not start an after-work dance group?

16. Eat outside– Have lunch or dinner al fresco; somewhere with fresh air.

17. Become an archilover– Go around town and compare the different designs of homes and buildings. We are all archies at heart.

18. Enter a contest– Any contest. For the sake of entering. Just give it your all.

19. Spend one afternoon couponing– See how much you can save.

20. Change your look– Rebuild yourself from head to toe.

These are small changes that do not cost anything. They may help you change your life. Try some today. You deserve it.

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