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8 Habits That Chronically Unhappy People Have in Common

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8 Habits That Chronically Unhappy People Have in Common

8 Habits That Chronically Unhappy People Have in Common

Researchers state that some people just seem chronically unhappy. Others that spend time around them start to feel depressed too. Certainly, depression highlights one behavior that is infectious. Furthermore, a report that was provided by Psychology Today states that unhappy people really do share common traits. However, all people have the ability to change their mindset. It is undeniable that unhappy people seem to share a lot of things in common. Certainly, everyone has experienced those traits at least once. However, sad or depressed individuals seem to display those traits most of the time. Let’s take a closer look.

Habits That Chronically Unhappy People Have in Common

Suspicious Minds

Happy people walk around with a trusting attitude. They have a wide circle of friends and enjoy socializing. However, chronically unhappy people place a whole new spin on things. They are suspicious of everyone that they meet. They assume that all strangers are the enemy and out to hurt them. They lock themselves away in little shell that is hard to open.


Unhappy people are jealous of others that have achieved great success in some way. They imagine that their success is hampering their achieving some imagined goal. Happy people enjoy hearing about successful people.

Life is Tough

Happy people seem to go with the flow. Unhappy people feel that life is hard and feel victimized by society.

The Blame Game

Unhappy people like to blame others for their misfortunes. For example, they blame their parents, that 3rd grade teacher they hated, or their demanding boss. Playing the blame game just makes them more unhappy and totally miserable. Happy people take the blame for their actions.

Avoid Life’s Pleasures

People that are chronically unhappy seem to take pleasure in their misery. The depressed also avoid just settling back and enjoying the pleasures of life. Enjoying food, wine, beauty, culture, music, friendship, or love is something that is frivolous. Happy people are actively involved with numerous distractions.

Spend Too Much Time Alone

Unhappy people seem to enjoy alone time. They spend an unhealthy amount of time alone constantly thinking about circumstances and analyzing the behavior of others. Happy people are out enjoying life and friendships.

Highly Critical

Unhappy people are masters at criticizing others. They seem to take great displeasure with everything that surrounds them. They criticize their family, kids, spouse, boss, teacher, neighbors, the weather, the food, the world. Happy people rarely stoop to criticism.

Stuck in the Past

Unhappy people are in a major time warp. They are stuck in the past. Sad or depressed individuals like to reminisce about the perfect life that they had before the current circumstance. Many feel like life has passed them by and they wish for a second chance to take that great job or marry that old flame.

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