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DIY Massages That Reduce Facial Bloating

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DIY Massages That Reduce Facial Bloating

DIY Massages That Reduce Facial Bloating

Are you one of those folks with a slim body but a chubby face or double chin? Forget expensive techniques and treatments. Give your face a classic massage and reduce water instantly. Have you ever wondered what celebrities do to de-puff their faces? This is what they do, along with other treatments. Here are 4 massaging tricks that can help you get a less puffy face instantly:

DIY Massages That Reduce Facial Bloating

Massage: 1

The first step is cleansing your skin. Avoid chemical-based soaps or face washes and make sure your hands are clean before cleansing your face. Ildi Pekar, skin care consultant to stars like Miranda Kerr and Lindsay Ellingson suggests two tricks to de-bloat the face.

First move your fingers in an upward motion to prevent wrinkles and sagging. Massage with light pressure around your eyes and more pressure on less fragile skin like forehead, cheeks, and chin. Use your ring finger for delicate skin around the eyes, it’s the weakest. Go smoothly in a circular motion to treat soreness and eye bags. Use lubrication on your skin to avoid pulling and creating more wrinkles.

Secondly use a good oil or moisturizer to make your skin look radiant. Pekar recommends using oil with active ingredients like plant extracts and amino acids, this will help your product penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin. Massage your face for 5 minutes for best results. If you want longer massages try half an hour twice a week.

Massage: 2

First hold the skin under the center of your chin with the right index and middle finger. Work your jaw line 3 times on the right side with the heels of your left hand then repeat on the left side.

Next is the most important part, place your index and middle finger together behind the ear lobes, then start massaging in circular movements downward to help with lymph drainage. Then look upward stretching your neck out and sweep upwards using both palms 3 times, then sweep outward three times along the jawline using your palms, then sweep upward over your cheeks 3 times. When you get to your eyes sweep with one finger under your eyebrow and one under your eyes. Sweep your hands outward by placing them in the middle of your forehead. Repeat the whole process 3 times.

Massage: 3

This is an easy trick, massage your face area gently with your hands and fingers in half-moon motions. Always go up to prevent dragging your skin down. Use your middle and ring fingers to massage your face. If eye puffiness is something you need to treat use only your ring finger.

Massage: 4

This only takes 5 minutes to reduce facial bloat. First massage the skin between your shoulders and collarbone, slowly move towards the contour of your face from chin to ears. Then work on your eyes and massage with your ring finger towards your ears. Repeat above the eyes, then finish off by massaging the lymph nodes below your ears towards your shoulders.

Try these massage tricks and see the difference. It only requires 5 minutes and your face will be picture ready!

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