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6 Warning Signs Your Man Is A Womanizer

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6 Warning Signs Your Man Is A Womanizer

6 Warning Signs Your Man Is A Womanizer

The joy of new love is an all-consuming feeling! Long-stemmed red roses, delicious chocolates and the attention of an adoring, handsome man are wonderful parts of the romantic, infatuation phase of love. You’ve probably dreamed of this day since your childhood and it is finally here! You’ll live happily ever after now, right? Well, that depends on whether or not your goodnight kiss comes from a true Prince Charming or a total toad. One of the most easily disguised toads is the dreaded womanizer. In order to make sure to steer clear of a womanizer, watch out for a few of the listed tendencies.

6 Warning Signs Your Man Is A Womanizer

1. Reputation– If your girlfriends have experienced his wrath or know a lot about his practices, stay far away.

2. Wandering Eyes– If your honey takes you out to dinner, is it hard to maintain his attention? After all, his date is the only thing he should be focused on. If long legs, makeup and party dresses seem to capture his gaze a lot, keep it moving.

3. Parasitic Personality– If a man seems to be okay with taking from a woman, but fails to give or invest, there’s a problem. When a man really wants a woman, he desires to help her in any way he can. A man who is willing to constantly take from a woman is a man worth running from.

4. Physical AttractionA recent study featured in The Jerusalem Post suggests that men are naturally love-making seekers and crave it on a deeper level than the physical. If a man seems to only desire the physical benefits of being with a woman, he is using her and isn’t in it for the long haul.

5. Hard To Settle– Going along with his reputation, pay attention to how much a man has dated in the past. If he seems to hop from woman to woman, he is probably using each one and moving on when he’s done with them.

6. Extravagant Gestures– Wining and dining are at the top of the womanizer’s arsenal. Most women find it hard to resist candlelight dinners, vacations, massages and shopping sprees. Womanizers are well aware of this. Run from the next wildly extravagant gesture. There is a price to pay and it often involves a broken heart.


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