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11 Creative Ways to Use Butter

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11 Creative Ways to Use Butter

11 Creative Ways to Use Butter

Butter can do more than satisfy cravings or enhance food, it contributes in other ways. Take a look at the list below and enjoy:

Keep cheese mold-free
Stop wasting cheese by letting it get moldy or hard on cut edges, keep semi-hard cheeses fresh and mold-free by giving it a light coat of butter. Each time you use the cheese coat the edges with butter before you put it back in the refrigerator.

11 Creative Ways to Use Butter

Remove make-up
The best way to remove make-up is to apply a smidgen of butter with a cotton ball to the area, then wipe off using another cotton ball.

Creative Ways to Use Butter

Swallow pills
Having a hard time swallowing medicine? Try coating your pills with a small amount of butter then take a large drink of water, the pill will go right down.

Creative Ways to Use Butter 2

Fish Smell
After a day spent fishing often your hands smell like it, which is not a nice smell! Rub a little butter into your hands, then wash with soap as usual, your hands will be fresh and clean.

Sometimes when we are working with glue it gets stuck on our hands, which is hard to get off. Try rubbing some butter on before washing your hands with soap and the glue will easily come off.

Keep leftover onion fresh
Often you only need half an onion for a recipe and the other half is wasted, you look for other ways to use it before it dries out. Next time rub some butter on the cut surface and wrap in aluminum foil before refrigerating. The butter will keep it fresh longer.

Remove gum
It’s a relief for those who have chewing gum getting stuck in their hair. No need to cut your hair, apply some butter to the gum and keep rubbing until it softens and slips off.

Creative Ways to Use Butter 5

Treat dry nails
Prevent nails from drying and cracking. Dab some butter and rub into your cuticles, put on cotton gloves and let it work overnight. The natural proteins in butter will nourish your nails and prevent cracking.

Remove price tags
No matter how hard we try to take off price stickers neatly they always leaves a mark. Take it off by rubbing butter on the area, the sticky tag will come off neatly.

Remove ink from plastic
Isn’t it annoying when favorite things accidentally get inked with a pen? Grab some butter and rub it on the plastic, the ink will go away. This tip is especially handy when you have kids around.

Prevents water from boiling over
Sometimes when cooking you look away for an instant and your pot boils over. Next time add a tablespoon or two of butter to prevent this, butter does not mix well with water and acts as a bubble breaker.

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