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9 Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Partner

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9 Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Partner

9 Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Partner

All relationships take effort to make them work. Unfortunately, considerable differences in personality or mindset can spell doom in a relationship from the beginning. If you’re dating someone and might be interested in taking things to the next level, consider asking these important questions before taking the plunge.

9 Important Questions You Should Ask a Potential Partner

1. What Happens When You Don’t Get Your Way?

Level-headed, reasonable people realize they can’t have everything they want and are able to accept that gracefully. While it’s normal to be upset by it, there’s a problem if one partner pushes relentlessly to get their way, or engages in passive-aggressive behavior.

2. How Would You Convince Your Significant Others to Agree With You?

It’s important to listen to one another with an open mind and heart. Unfortunately, some people want to be right all the time, and they can behave immaturely and hurtfully when someone doesn’t agree with them.

3. Would You Blame Your Partner for Not Giving You Something You Want?

Everyone is different, and there will be times when we can’t give the other person something that they want or need. However, blame and punishment are not the appropriate responses. Making one partner feel guilty or obligated can damage a relationship.

4. Are You Open to Ideas Different From Yours?

Early in a relationship, it often feels like you have everything in common. Unfortunately, it soon becomes obvious that your actually have your own opinions on things. If someone shows signs that they’re unwilling to even consider another person’s point of view, serious problems could result.

5. How Do You Try to Get Your Way?

It’s natural to want to have your way on things, but how would you potential partner go about it? If they respond with underhanded methods like lying or emotional manipulation, it’s a warning sign.

6. Are You Open About Your Needs?

Being honest about needs is key. If they have needs they’re not willing to talk about, it can breed resentment, frustration and anger.

7. Can You Be Trusted?

Trust is an essential cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If someone doesn’t see why you’d need to know certain things about them, or if they insist too much on their independence, they may hide other things.

8. Are You a Grudge-Holder?

When one person does something to upset the other, it can cause feelings of resentment. However, some people may hold onto that resentment and use it as a weapon to guilt or discredit the other person when it suits them.

9. How Do You Reconnect After Emotional Wounds?

A variety of things can cause people to drift apart, especially emotionally hurtful events. That said, too often only one partner takes the initiative to fix things. If one partner withholds affection and apology or forgiveness to save their pride and get the other to take charge, it can deepen wounds and maintain emotional distance.

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