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7 Surprising Uses For Lip Balm Other Than On Your Lips

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7 Surprising Uses For Lip Balm Other Than On Your Lips

7 Surprising Uses For Lip Balm Other Than On Your Lips

No need to throw away old lip balm or any extras you find. Moisturizing your lips is not the only thing your lip balm can do, there is a lot more you can do with it. Check some out here:

• Substitute for primer
Use lip balm on your eyes instead of an expensive primer. Primer is important under eye shadow. Lip balm keeps your eye lids moisturized and keeps your make up colors fresh and glowing. Apply some lip balm on your eyes in the morning and at night if you don’t have eye cream to keep the skin healthy, moisturized, and beautiful. Do NOT do this if it is flavored or tinted!

Surprising Uses For Lip Balm Other Than On Your Lips

• On your hair
Don’t like the frizz of overly dry hair? Here’s good news, instead of dabbing or spraying water on your locks try dabbing some transparent lip balm on the ends. This works great and many people have lip balm handy. Make your hair more manageable without much effort.

• On your skin
Get rid of itchy patches or annoying dry skin by using lip balm. Often skin gets dry around fingers, knuckles, and heels. Dab a little lip balm around your fingers and heels and massage it in and feel the difference. Lip balm also works superb against blister when you wear heels to a party. You can try it on your sore nose when you have a cold and are often using tissues.

• To stop bleeding
Often we get small cuts when shaving with a razor, next time it happens just grab your lip balm and apply it to your cut. It will stop the bleeding and soothe the pain. You can also use it on damaged painful cuticles.

• On sticky zippers
Struggling to zip a jacket, bag, or purse? Stop struggling and use lip balm! Dab a little on the zipper and try it again. Lip balms have lubricating qualities that help loosen the stuck zipper and you will be able to zip up and down smoothly.

• On eyebrows
If you can’t find your brow gel and really need it spread a little transparent lip balm on your brows to make them look shiny, wet, and gorgeous. A great way to cut expenses too!

• On your shoes
Make dull shoes shine again using multi-tasking lip balm. Spread a little on your shoes and buff with a dry rag. You can apply some to your laces before a long day or a run to help them stay in place.

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