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5 Common Habits That Cause Breast Sagging

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5 Common Habits That Cause Breast Sagging

5 Common Habits That Cause Breast Sagging

As women age, the breasts have a natural tendency to lose elasticity and begin to sag. A middle-aged woman cannot expect her breasts to have the same appearance as they did when she was 20, but following a few simple guidelines can help slow the progression of a drooping bosom.

5 Common Habits That Cause Breast Sagging 1

Avoid See-Saw Weight Gain and Loss

The area on and around the breasts is relatively thin and prone to stretching. Women who struggle with weight loss and subject the skin to a lot of stretching and shrinking can hasten sagging. Also, since the breasts are composed mainly of fat, sudden weight loss can reduce the amount of tissue and cause skin that was normally lifted outward to suddenly droop.

Give the Bra a Break

Many women are under the false impression that wearing a bra throughout the day and night will help keep the breasts from sagging. On the contrary, an excess of external support allows the pectoral muscles to weaken and actually speed up the drooping process.

Wear a Good Support Bra During Cardio


High-impact sports and cardiovascular exercise such as running and aerobics can contribute to a loss of elasticity. The breasts are supported by ligaments, and the stress the tissue undergoes during vigorous exercise can cause decrease in resilience that gives way to gravity. A good sports bra should:

Cut the movement of the breasts in half during strenuous activity
Have individual cups for larger breasted women
Have firm straps with little elasticity
Not stretch more than an inch away from the skin when pulled

Exercise the Pectorals

Even though the breasts themselves are not muscular, reinforcing the pectorals around them can help reduce sagging. Exercises such as plank push-ups help strengthen the muscles and increase support, and using weight machines in a gym that target the chest will build up the pectoral muscles.

Quit Smoking

Not only does smoking wreak havoc on the lungs, skin and cardiovascular system, but it accelerates the weakening of ligaments and collagen. Tossing out the cigarettes for good will enhance overall health and keep the tissues that support the breasts from breaking down too quickly.

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