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What’s Good About How You Sleep

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What's Good About How You Sleep

Previously we did an article about what sleeping positions mean emotionally, now we are looking at how they affect us physically.

For those of you who sleep on your back, you make doctors the happiest. This position puts the least stress on the shoulders, neck,  and spine, ideally without a pillow.  This is also more beneficial for preventing wrinkles and keeping breasts in their proper place. The downside is that it’s tough on people with sleep apnea and is sometimes hard to get a good night’s sleep.


Side sleeping is by far the most common sleep position reported. Sleeping on the left side increases blood circulation and can ease heartburn and acid reflux. This can also be good for people with low back problems and can improve sleep apnea.  The downside of side sleeping is that sleeping on one side always can put undue strain on your organs and may adversely affect muscles and nerves on the side you’re sleeping on.

Stomach sleeping is least popular with people and with their doctors. About the only good thing is some easing of snoring and sleep apnea, conversely it flattens the natural curve of the spine which can increase back and neck pain, also having your face against the bedding or pillows can be hard on your face.

The best way to sleep is how you best sleep honestly. Not necessarily how you fall asleep, but how you wake up. Doctors say there is no harm in trying other positions for a few nights, you may get used to one that leaves you waking up feeling better! Also, utilize pillows in different positions to increase comfort, maybe one under your knees when on your back, or between your knees and ankles on your side for arthritis and fibromyalgia. Pleasant dreams!

To Read more about what your sleeping position shows about your character, please check out this link:


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