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Bold and the Beautiful

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Bold and the Beautiful

Aishwarya Rai once Miss World(1994) now is a proud Mom.  For the past two months, the Indian Media has been ripping her apart for her post baby weight gain.   One lady anchor  said “Ms.Rai  should be ashamed of her weight gain”.  It’s only pity that the anchor lady doesn’t know that even celebrities have to undergo metamorphosis after delivery.
Along came the Cannes Film Festival 2012.  Mr. Rai has been part of the Red Carpet since 2002.  Everyone were keeping their fingers crossed whether Ms. Rai would be there on the red carpet or not.  Being a celebrity, either she could’ve appointed a personal trainer and could’ve  gotten back her hourglass figure well before the Cannes or she could’ve stayed back without walking the red carpet. Instead Ms. Rai boldly walked the red carpet with an outfit that magnified her plus size waist. Her bold act has opened positive doors to so many women out there, including the author.   Like Ms. Rai, let’s have the guts to show the world that we are proud of our size whether it is 2 or 22.  Like Ms. Rai, let’s accept our body as it is.  Like Ms. Rai, let’s thumb our nose at weight mockers.  Like  Ms. Rai, let’s be bold and  beauty will tag along with it.

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