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Painless and Wireless Testing for Diabetes Patients

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Painless and Wireless Testing for Diabetes Patients

Painless and Wireless Testing for Diabetes Patients

One of the many inconveniences of dealing with diabetes is the daily blood sugar testing that requires a person to prick their finger. This may soon change due to a revolutionary new product from a European company called Abbott, which has developed a method of blood testing that does not require needles.

Painless and Wireless Testing for Diabetes Patients

Called Libre, the system utilizes a small, round sensor that is placed on the arm and inserts a very tiny filament into the skin. The filament is held in place by adhesive on the sensor. The sensor is then scanned with a handheld device, which displays the blood sugar reading in under one second. The system requires no calibration and will work through clothing.

Constant glucose measuring is usually reserved for clinical research, which requires very exact numbers. Libre brings this precise monitoring to patients and allows them to share the detailed information with their doctors. The system provides the all-important hemoglobin A1c, or three-month sugar reading. This is important to doctors because it gives a clear picture of how well the diabetes is being controlled and if adjustments to treatment are needed.

Many doctors are happy about the Libre system, as it will encourage patients to pay attention to their bodies and take steps to better manage their disease. If patients forget to take their medication or neglect to exercise, the results will be apparent immediately. Seeing the numbers in real-time is a strong incentive to stay on course.

Painless and Wireless Testing for Diabetes Patients 1

The Libre system is currently not available in North America, and it is unknown when it will go to market for patients. Both doctors and those struggling with diabetes are hoping that government approval happens very soon. Diabetes is a devastating disease that affects millions of people who need information and empowerment to gain control over the condition.

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