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20 Genius Hacks Every Girl Need to Know

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20 Genius Hacks Every Girl Need to Know

20 Genius Hacks Every Girl Need to Know

When it comes to fashion, every girl has a few hacks they live by. We thought we would help make your life easier and put together a list of some of the best hacks around.

Girls are known for how good they multitask. Below is a list of hacks to help you get through everyday life in style:

20 Genius Hacks Every Girl Need to Know


1. Tie a ribbon around your feet and then slip on some flats to add a little style

hack 1


2. Use a hair dryer to help break in your flats 

hack 2


3. Use nail polish to give character to the soles of your shoes 

hack 3


4. Use leftover fabric to create colorful sandals 

hack 4


5. Cut the toes out of a pair of old socks to dress up your boots

hack 5



6. A little glitter and glue will make your shoes brand new 

hack 7


7. Dry your delicates in a salad spinner 

hack 8


8. Make your own t-shirt vest 

hack 9


9. Weave your t-shirts to add extra flair

hack 10


10. 12 wonderful ways to tie a scarf


hack 11


11. How to make a sundress out of a t-shirt

hack 12


12. Lace up your jeans 

hack 13


13. How to make shorts 101

hack 14


14. This is a very chic DIY skirt

hack 15


15. Want the smell out of your jeans? just pop them in the freezer

hack 16


16. Dye your stockings for a very hot look

hack 17


17. Make your cheap flip flops look fancy with some ribbon and beads 

hack 18


18. Turn your plain white sneakers into a super cute pair in just a few minutes 

hack 19


19. Use a pumice stone and a lint roller to make your sweater look brand new 

hack 20



20. Use hangers to store your sandals 

hack 6

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