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7 Secrets Of A Long Term Relationship

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7 Secrets Of A Long Term Relationship

7 Secrets Of A Long Term Relationship

In America today, the divorce rate hovers around 60 percent, and the average length of a relationship is just under three years. This may seem like an ominous trend, but it doesn’t mean that your relationship has to become one of those statistics. Like anything good in life, a fulfilling and lasting relationship requires hard work and constant effort. If you want to keep the bond strong, here are seven secrets of a long-term relationship you should know about.

Long Term Relationship

1. Compromise

All relationships require give and take. When there’s an imbalance of this, it can breed resentment and hostility. Each of you should be putting as much into the partnership as you’re getting from it.

2. Communication

A lack of communication is one of the most fatal flaws in a relationship. It’s critical to talk about wants and expectations for the future and your feelings on issues that arise. Furthermore, don’t keep quiet about issues until they fester and finally come out during a heated argument. Discuss these things while you’re still feeling calm and reasonable.

3. Pick Your Battles

When you’ve spent enough time around someone, it inevitably becomes obvious that you’re not one person living in two bodies. You’re each your own people, and living under the same roof can be trying. Little things will start getting to you. However, rather than bickering over dirty dishes or who takes out the trash, save that energy for things that actually matter, like money or where to move to.

4. Be Open About Your Needs

It’s easy to put yourself in second place in a relationship. While this is good in some ways, it can be harmful in others. That said, it’s important to also consider what matters to you. If you ignore your own needs, it can build resentment. Be open with your partner about what you need, and whenever possible, compromise to make it work.

5. Value Trust

Honesty and trust are the cornerstone of any lasting relationship. The person you intend to spend your life with should be the one person you can always rely on. White lies aren’t necessarily something that should eliminate trust. However, big lies, like infidelity or hiding past relationships, are often trust-eroding deal-breakers.

6. Playtime

The couple that plays together stays together. According to researchers, novelty is important for keeping things exciting in a relationship and maintaining the romance. Engaging in fun or new experiences together reinforces bonds and makes you feel more interested in one another.

7. Love Yourself

Generally, the people who are happiest in their relationships are those who also love themselves. Practicing self-love fosters good emotional health, improving our capacity for forgiveness and the way we relate with other people.

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