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10 Signs You’re a Great Friend

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10 Signs You’re a Great Friend

10 Signs You’re a Great Friend

It can be easy to know who your best friends are in your life and the ones that you feel most loved and respected by. For those who are social butterflies or even introverts who have a few close friends, there are several ways to know which individuals are there for the long haul. Although you may have great friends, there’s a few signs that show if you bring just as much to the table.

10 Signs You’re a Great Friend

1. You’re Honest

The best type of friends are the ones who can be vulnerable even in their darkest moments. You’re not afraid to tell your closest friend of a struggle or failure that you have.

2. You Make Room in Your Schedule

Good friends are those that can make room in their schedule for one another without simply relying on the phone to maintain the relationship.

3. Compromising is Important to You

As a great friend, you aren’t afraid to compromise on the activities that you’ll participate in just to bond with your pals.

4. You Stick to Your Commitments

Flakiness is a major turnoff and can make others avoid relying on you. You stick to your commitments and make it easy to be dependable.

5. You Put Your Friends First

If your friend calls you in the middle of the night crying, you aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to show your support, even if it means sacrificing your rest.

6. You Celebrate Your Friends’ Accomplishments

Jealousy isn’t a struggle for you when your friend has an accomplishment or something to celebrate.


7. Drama is Avoided

You avoid bringing drama to the relationship with petty issues that reduce the depth and strength of the relationship.

8. Gossip isn’t an Issue

You don’t spend your time gossiping about your best friends and dishing on their secrets or failures to other people.

9. You Work to Maintain the Relationship

Friendships take work and you make it a point to schedule coffee dates, spend time on the phone, or check in with your closest friends during the week.

10. Saying Sorry Isn’t Difficult

If you make a mistake in one of your relationships, it’s not difficult to admit your faults and apologize.


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