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7 Foods to Eat to Help Cut Cholesterol

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7 Foods to Eat to Help Cut Cholesterol

7 Foods to Eat to Help Cut Cholesterol

Mankind has never had the luxury of such an enormous selection of foods. Unfortunately, many people gravitate to fatty choices because of their attractive flavors, and as a result, cholesterol levels in the population have soared. Carefully selecting foods that help reduce cholesterol can help create a healthier diet.

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Soluble Fiber

Not only does it work to keep the digestive system healthy, soluble fiber can also help to reduce cholesterol. Many good sources of fiber include:



Many nuts work to lower cholesterol and also help to keep the heart healthy. Overeating nuts should be avoided, though, because they are high in fat and can cause weight gain. Good selections include:



Garlic is most effective when taken in its natural form, and recent studies have shown that eating two to four fresh cloves daily can help reduce cholesterol. It also has antibiotic effects and can lower blood pressure.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Research has found that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots and reduce the chance of dying suddenly after a heart attack. Good sources of the nutrient include:

Canola Oil


Loaded with beta-sistoserol, a fat found in plants, avocados are a healthy way to fight cholesterol. They help elevate helpful HDL cholesterol levels and lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Olive Oil

A mainstay of the popular Mediterranean diet, olive oil provides healthy fats that raise good HDL cholesterol and lower undesirable LDL fats. Extra virgin olive oil provides more benefits than more processed olive oils.


Recent research has touted the many benefits of green tea, but black tea also has its benefits. Participants in a study conducted by a government agency were able to achieve a 10% reduction in cholesterol levels after only three weeks of drinking black tea.

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