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Say goodbye to wrinkles with an easy-to-follow routine

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Say goodbye to wrinkles with an easy-to-follow routine

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Allow me to share a secret with you. And this is for men and women alike. It is not what you put on your skin but the method by which you apply it.

Let me say that again, with all due respect to the cosmetic industry, it really does not matter much what you apply but how you apply it to your skin.

In the US $40 billion is spent annually on cosmetics. Around the world $1.5 billion is spent on botox. What do these numbers say to us?

Well, it demonstrates to me how desperate we are to rid ourselves of wrinkles. I know this is surprising to some but you need not spend enormous amounts of money. I’m going to give you a very simple trick that I personally use every day of my life without fail. Are you ready? Now, men I think you should follow this regimen as well as women. Why should you not greet the day with great supple skin as well?

Beautiful Face by Tommerton2010

Just follow these basic simple steps:

Immediately upon waking I rinse my face with cool water, I barely dab at it with a towel and then I immediately add moisturizer.
I always drink warm water with the juice of one lemon. I happen to think that lemons do great things for the skin (sometimes I use lemons as a tonic for my skin).
I jump into the shower (well, perhaps I step into it). In the shower I always use an exfoliate on my skin (now listen, it does not have to be an expensive exfoliate; most of the time mine are home made, a little honey and sugar works great).
Please pay careful attention here, this is the most important step I will share with you and this is where you bid adieu to wrinkles. When you are done with your shower, do not towel dry completely and that goes for your whole body; but most especially your face. While your face is still wet apply your moisturizer. Then of course apply lotion to your whole body. Wait a few moments, begin the process of getting dressed, come back and apply more moisturizer to your face. Continue to get dressed, come back and apply more moisturizer to your face. You will do this three or four, maybe even five times. You will apply so much moisturizer that you will than take a white face cloth and dab at your face. Then rub your face very softly to ensure that the moisturizer has set in.

Guys, at this point you should be ready to walk out the door; and gals, at this point you are ready to apply your makeup. But here’s another tip; if you follow this process you should really need very little makeup.

I know this seems like quite a lengthy process, but it isn’t! It takes me all of five or 10 minutes. But I guarantee it will take years off of your face. I am often asked about the products that I use on my skin so I thought it was important to share this little secret with you. Additionally I must tell you so many creams and moisturizers promise hydration. Hydration is not to be placed on your skin, it must come from within. That means hydrate your skin by drinking lots of H2O and eating the right beauty foods.

There you have it my friends, from 20 to 90 you can say good riddance to wrinkles and hello to a healthy glow!

Vicky DeRosa is Founder and CEO of Studio V Health Corp. For more information check out www.studiovhealth.com.

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